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阿里·撒贝特给NFT世界带来活力/Ali Sabet: Bringing good energy to the NFT world





热情—和天分—使他进入NFT圈。入圈以来,他已经出售了600多个作品。因为他声望高,也因为他能够创造有意义的联系,所以策展人Misan Harriman选他加入Voice NFT常驻计划。


说到筑留计划中他创作了哪些作品,撒贝特拿出了他最有名的日本水墨画作品,加入了Early Worm, Terra Naomi, Colin Smith, and Phillip Coleman等艺术家,共同展览。这个展览的灵感来自活动主题“发声”(Raise Our Voice),每个作品都代表着不同的重获活力的方式。





Take one look at Ali Sabet’s social media accounts, and it is clear that he is a creator, through and through. He is quick to engage in discussions with his fans, affirming the good energy that his artwork elicits. Sabet has good reason to feel positive — he has quickly and unapologetically made a name for himself as one of the must-watch people in the NFT space. 

Sabet’s keen ability to connect with his fans is innate. The person behind the artist is one who is deeply empathic. He weaves each conversation adeptly between his work and the interviewer’s state of being, never one to let the energy in the room go unmentioned. 

“I create in love with energy, ” he says, “and [I am] always looking for ways to share the unspeakable.”

Energy — and raw talent — has propelled Sabet to the NFT stratosphere, having sold more than 600 works since entering the space. This notoriety and ability to create meaningful connections is what drew Sabet’s curator, Misan Harriman, to select him for the Voice NFT Residency. 

“Ali Sabet was one of the earliest people I saw who was really trying to be at the tip of the spear of what an NFT artist is,” says Harriman. “ I just love his hustle, and the variation of ways his art has a conversation with this new audience was really, really impressive to me.” 

As for what exactly he created during the Residency, Sabet took his signature Japanese brush and ink works and leveled them up in a series of collaborations with artists Early Worm, Terra Naomi, Colin Smith, and Phillip Coleman. The collection is inspired by the campaign theme ‘Raise Our Voice,’ and each piece represents a different method of taking back energetic power. 

The ability to collaborate with others has been a standout opportunity created by the NFT Residency, Sabet says. “It’s one way of breaking the creative barriers of paper and ink.”

With each new medium and new opportunity for collaboration that Sabet explores in the NFT space, he’s bringing his community along for the ride. 

Check out Sabet’s collection here.

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