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“我今天制作、上线、出售了我第一个NFT,整个过程毫不费力,现在我停下来好好地思考这个新平台和这些新技术,它们让创作者能够摆脱环境的束缚,创造更好的机会和资源。”视觉叙事作家Rich Hackman在Instagram上说。





While it feels like there’s never a dull moment in the world of NFTs, it’s been a particularly exciting week here at Voice HQ. This past Wednesday, we opened up our public beta. Since then, we’ve welcomed thousands of creators from around the world onto the platform and into the community. 

Yet, the community is far larger than the creators currently on Voice — it also encompasses each individual’s personal fans and followers who now have access to support these artists and their creations in a way that wasn’t possible before.

“After so effortlessly minting, listing, and selling my first NFT today, it gave me great pause to think about the power of these new platforms and technologies to empower people to lift themselves out of situations and circumstances and create better opportunities, and resources,” visual storyteller Rich Hackman shared via Instagram.

From Instagram to Twitter to Discord, we witnessed creators sharing their newly minted NFTs with those who may not even know what those three letters stand for. The benefits of NFTs are huge for both creators and collectors, and Voice is providing both sides with the tools necessary to leverage the revolutionary technology.

By making NFTs easy for everyone, our hope is that these connections between creators and their fans become even deeper. We believe that NFTs will change the internet forever, and look forward to building a platform that encourages creators and collectors alike to be part of the conversation.

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