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B1收购了Slvergate Capital公司相当数量的股权/B1 Acquires Significant Equity Stake in Silvergate Capital Corp.



今天,Block.one及其CEO Brendan Blumer就Block.one收购了Silvergate Capital 7.46%的A类普通股和Brendan Blumer获得的9.27%该公司的A类普通股一事,向美国证券交易委员会提交了13G文件。

Block.one相信Silvergate Capital已经显示了在合规的银行框架内,自己甩开同行、在不断创新。

Silvergate通过Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN)带来了成功的网络效应,它把全天候的金融市场和机构金融服务联系起来,让Silvergate能把高潜力的延伸产品资本化。

此外,Silvergate Capital在保持流动性和稳健资产投资组合方面也有跟踪记录,这方面它比大多数受联邦政府监管的银行机构都保守。该方法凸显Silvergate关注维持低风险的流动性状况,这样它在不断增长的区块链领域才能成为可靠的银行交易对手。





Today and CEO, Brendan Blumer, each filed a Schedule 13G with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with’s acquisition of 7.46% of the Class A common stock of Silvergate Capital Corp. and Brendan Blumer’s deemed ownership of 9.27% of Silvergate’s Class A common stock.

At, we believe Silvergate Capital has shown that it consistently innovates beyond its peers within federally regulated banking frameworks.

The successful network effects that Silvergate has built through the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) bridge the emerging 24/7 financial marketplace with institutional financial services, and positions Silvergate to capitalize on high-potential product adjacencies.

Further, Silvergate Capital has a proven track record of maintaining a liquid and conservative balance sheet investment portfolio – far more conservative than most federally regulated banking institutions. This approach highlights the importance Silvergate has placed on maintaining a  low-risk liquidity profile required to be a reliable banking counterparty in the rapidly growing blockchain space.

We believe Silvergate’s current equity prices do not accurately reflect their strong balance sheet, their strategic positioning, or their market-defiant growth trajectory, and therefore offers a unique investment opportunity. We are excited to be a new passive shareholder.


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