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Block.one的CEO在采访中探讨EOS和比特大陆/The CEO of Talks about EOS and Bitmain



Block.one的创始人和CEO Brendan Blumer在彭博周刊市场和金融版的一次访谈中谈到了EOS代币出售、公司投资者和比特大陆下一次ICO。






此外,Bredan还确认比特大陆的创始人Peter Thiel和Jihan Wu都是该公司的投资者。他还说今天的区块链技术突破了最大的几个中心化技术平台。他说Peter Thiel 和Jihan Wu在该领域走在领先地位。他们的计划详情会在今年年末或2019年第一个季度公布。




Brendan Blumer, CEO, and founder of, talked about the sale of EOS, investors of the company and the next Bitmain ICO, in an interview with Bloomberg Markets and Finance.

It should be noted that EOS, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in space, has reached the largest sale of ICO in the world, about $ 4 billion. It took place in May 2017. The founder talked about what the company plans to do with the funds raised.

Brendan said:

 “… look how the chips networks have been distributed in the past, it was mainly through the consumption of electricity to create these tokens, and the theory behind our symbolic sale was the capital normally used to take chips and then create forward the developers who generate the next generation of innovations. “

He continued talking about his $ 1 billion EOS VC fund. He said that they are investing these billions of dollars with their partners around the world to hand them over to the advocates to see the outcome of this kind of “Capital Innovation Show”.

In addition, the founder has set a common roadmap with his investors. He went on to say:

 “The first billion in the capital in the United States. We see that most is designed to use this investment in the developers to use the EOSio application. Yes, the first engagement of one billion is what we made public. “

In addition, Brendan confirmed that Peter Thiel and Jihan Wu, the founders of Bitmain, are investors in the company. He also stated that today’s blockchain technology breaks through some of the largest centralized technology platforms. He added that Jihan Wu and Peter Thiel are leading in space. More information would be released about their project by the end of this year or in the first quarter of 2019.

In addition, the CEO of talked about the IPO of Bitmain:

“Their companies are a little different from ours, they are hardware manufacturers, they are in Hong Kong, and I think it’s the kind of seriousness that shows through Hong Kong in the industry, establishing numerous market leaders that are very free financial markets, many ideologies that are identical to Blockchain, so we are big proponents of the project, but the business models are very different. ”

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The CEO of Talks about EOS and Bitmain

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