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Fractally—下一代的DAO/Introducing Fractally — The next generation of DAOs



Fractally ( 把区块链去中心化交易所、社交网络、高性能智能合约平台和市场上最先进的去中心化治理方式—分形民主—结合起来,启动了2017年其为EOS准备的最初的愿景。

这个远景结合了我在自己最初的两个区块链中获得的教训:BitSharesHive(原Steem)。现在我们可以把我在《更平等的动物:真正的民主中的微妙艺术》呈现、并于2021年在 Eden on EOS社区测试过的去中心化治理方式融合起来了。


最早的 DeFi 交易所 — BitShares 2014

bitshares, the 1st self-governing, self-funding DAC Exchange



第一个社交媒体区块链 — Hive/Steem 2016



Book cover for More Equal Animals — The Subtle Art of True Democracy

Eden on EOS 上的去中心化分形治理— 2020

2020年我出版了《更平等的动物》,2021年我们创建了Eden on EOS 测试分形治理过程,举行了3次选举,涉及几百个人。整个实验非常成功,参加者接受度也很高。


Fractally聘请了violet.garden创始人John Williamson,现在我们想为EOS推出一个治理良好的社交媒体平台。Fractally吸取了Eden中获得的教训,解决了Steem代币权重投票系统的很多问题。随着我们团队不断扩大,我们还会吸引更多人才。

Mandel & EOSIO 发展

Fractally获得了EOS Network Foundation的资金支持,因此我们也要负责维护EOSIO的社区分叉Mandel。Fractally团队中有很多EOSIO的老员工,所以我们能接下这个任务。

白皮书22年2月22日,周二, 22:22 UTC.

UTC时间2月22日22:22,我们将通过YouTube premiere公布Fractally愿景细节,发布Fractally白皮书。您可以关注我们的Twitter账号(@gofractally),获得最新消息。

Fractally 品牌身份


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Fractally ( jumpstarts the original vision presented for EOS in 2017 by combining a blockchain powered decentralized exchange, social media network, and high-performance smart contract platform with fractal democracy, the most advanced decentralized governance process in the market.

This vision brings together all the lessons learned from my first two blockchains: BitShares and Hive (originally Steem). We can now incorporate lessons about decentralized governance which I outlined in my book, “More Equal Animals — The Subtle art of True Democracy” and were tested by the Eden on EOS community in 2021.Clarionos rebrands to Fractally to create a platform for next generation DAOs.

First DeFi Exchange — BitShares 2014

bitshares, the 1st self-governing, self-funding DAC Exchange

In 2013, I introduced the term “Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC)” as a metaphor that was useful for understanding the economics of Bitcoin and for designing BitShares.

The concept went viral and eventually evolved into the term DAO everyone uses today. BitShares was the first DeFi platform and remains the highest performance decentralized exchange on the market to this day. With BitShares anyone can create, distribute, and exchange tokens with a simple user interface — no smart contract coding required. Fractally intends to produce an application for EOS that is just as powerful and even easier to use while also incorporating more recent advancements in automated market makers.

First Social Media Blockchain — Hive/Steem 2016

Steem was the first social media platform on a blockchain. It grew virally to one of the top 1000 websites in the world (according to Alexa) because it rewarded users for posting. Steem was the first blockchain that was so easy to use that people from all walks of life could get involved. Today the original Steem community can be found on

Fractally will bring incentivized content creation to EOS while mitigating the abuse with lessons learned from the fractal governance process of Eden.

Book cover for More Equal Animals — The Subtle Art of True Democracy
More Equal Animals — The Subtle art of True Democracy

Eden on EOS Decentralized Fractal Governance — 2020

In 2020 I released my book, “More Equal Animals”, and in 2021 we tested the fractal governance process by creating Eden on EOS and hosting 3 elections involving hundreds of people. This ongoing experiment was incredibly successful and those who participated enjoyed the process., a social blogging application on EOS, was able to leverage the strong uniqueness of Eden users to implement Universal Basic Income and a Sybil attack resistant blogging platform on EOS.

Fractally has hired John Williamson, the founder of, and is working to bring a well-governed social media platform to EOS. Fractally solves many of the problems with Steem’s token-weighted voting system by leveraging the lessons learned from Eden. Several more hires will be joining Fractally soon as we continue to expand our team.

Mandel & EOSIO Development

With funding from the EOS Network Foundation, Fractally has also taken on the role of maintaining Mandel, a community-driven fork of EOSIO. This is possible because the Fractally team contains many of the original developers of EOSIO.

White Paper — Tuesday, Feb 22, ’22 at 22:22 UTC.

On Feb, 22 at 22:22 UTC we will unveil the details of our vision for Fractally with a YouTube premiere and the release of the Fractally white paper. Be sure to follow us on twitter (@gofractally) to keep up to date with the latest news.

Fractally Brand Identity

Learn more about the meaning behind the ƒractally branding.

Watch the intro on YouTube!

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