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LiquidApps的跨链技术为以太坊桥带来了突破/Breakthrough Ethereum bridge powered by LiquidApps cross-chain technology

Breakthrough Ethereum bridge powered by LiquidApps cross-chain technology


DAPP Network成功部署以太坊桥之后,它揭示了DeFi项目与用户的可交互性和网络上的流动性。

关注优化去中心化发展的研发企业LiquidApps宣布DAPP Network社区已经部署了一个跨链通讯渠道,让代币和数据能够在不同区块链间自由流动,第一个启动的是以太坊和基于EOSIO的区块链之间的通道。


以太坊桥现在能让其它链上的项目接入以太坊的流动性和金融服务生态。同时,以太坊开发者可以利用这个桥控制DAPP Network的通用层二层,实现超乎想象的规模化,同时,自己的代币还留在以太坊上。它们还促进了现在通用层二层已有的额外功能,包括减少gas费用、个性化分片技术、有创意的数据库,这些都是在免费市场的基础上提出的。以太坊代币还可以转移到其它生态上,获得高交易吞吐。

跨链桥综合利用了DAPP Network的服务,包括获得可信的外部数据的高吞吐量oracle数据库,和跨链数据转移服务,从而实现代币流动以及不同链上的数据形式流通(目前在EOSIO和以太坊上可以操作)。该技术的功能让dApp开发者能够联系资产、活动、和整个DeFi生态的应用,创造更成本有效的基础架构选择、并为dApps量身完成去信任化。

“我们很高兴地看到以太坊和EOSIO间代币能够成功地往来流动,让我们的愿景硕果累累,我们也为DAPP Network社区在成功路上扮演的角色,”LiquidApps的CEO Beni Hakak说。“我们离拆除不同区块链之间的围墙又近了一步。开发者再也不用问他们要在哪个链上开发了,他们只要结合多链的优势,生成优质的dApp和产品就可以。多链的愿景能够带来极大的流动性和规模化程度,现在它往前走了很大的一步。”

关于 LiquidApps

LiquidApps成立于2019年,它关注优化去中心化发展。公司的创新产品,DAPP Network,上又一整套强大的服务,让团队可以加快自己的研发里程碑、推出工作产品来解决真实的用户难题。核心团队包括顶层区块链技术专家和资深创业者。


The bridge unlocks interoperability and networked liquidity for DeFi projects and users after DAPP Network’s successful deployment.

 LiquidApps, the R&D company focused on optimizing decentralized development, announces that the DAPP Network community has deployed a cross-chain communication channel that allows tokens and data to flow freely across different blockchains, with an initial implementation between Ethereum and EOSIO-based chains. 

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has exploded into a multi-billion dollar sector with novel use-cases. Yet, at the same time, it is limited by the constraints of base-layer blockchains as it seeks the scalability, liquidity and cost-efficiency required to reach the masses. Many leaders in the DeFi space, such Uniswap and Synthetix, have already signalled their intention to utilize second-layer solutions as a means of reaching scale that is inconceivable with only base-layer blockchains. Cross-chain technology opens up a world of crucial functionalities that combine relevant strengths of different blockchains and drive immense opportunities for projects and users alike. 

The Ethereum bridge now allows projects on other chains to plug into Ethereum’s liquidity and financial services ecosystem. At the same time, Ethereum developers can utilize the bridge in order to harness the DAPP Network’s universal layer-two to scale their dApps beyond belief, while keeping their tokens on Ethereum. They can also leverage additional functionalities available on the universal layer-two including reduced gas costs, customizable sharding, and innovative oracle, which are all offered on a free market basis. Ethereum tokens can also be migrated over to alternative ecosystems for high-throughput trading. 

The cross-chain bridge utilizes a combination of DAPP Network services, including high-throughput oracles for accessing trustworthy external data, and a cross-chain data transfer service, to enable the flow of tokens and other forms of data between different chains (currently operational between EOSIO & Ethereum). The technology’s features allow dApp developers to connect assets, actions, and applications across the DeFi ecosystem, creating more cost-effective infrastructural options and tailored trustlessness for dApps. 

“We were excited to see our vision come to fruition with the successful flow of tokens from Ethereum to EOSIO and back, and the role the DAPP Network community played in facilitating its success,” says LiquidApps CEO, Beni Hakak. “We are one step closer to taking down the walls between chains. Developers should no longer ask which chain they should develop on, but rather combine the relative strength of multi chains into superior dApps and products. Multi-chain vision, with all the liquidity and scalability it can help provide, has taken a massive step forward.” 

About LiquidApps

Founded in 2019, LiquidApps is a technology company focused on optimizing decentralized development. The company empowers developers and companies with a suite of powerful services running on LiquidApps’s innovation, the DAPP Network, allowing teams to accelerate their development milestones and deliver working products that solve real user problems. Its core team consists of top-tier blockchain technology experts and experienced entrepreneurs. 

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