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我们为什么在这里——来自Voice CEO Salah的一封信/Why We’re Here: A Letter from our CEO, Salah












Salah Zalatimo, Voice CEO


To those who want more,

We’re living in a post-truth era where many media platforms have lost their way. Media should empower us and bring us together, not confuse and divide us.

Today, our largest media platforms seed fear, uncertainty and doubt into our world. Many of us have thrown up our arms and walked away, deleting accounts and cutting cords⁠ in frustration at our disjointed world. Who would have thought in 2020 we would be confronted with questions like: Is this news real? Is this even a human? Is it ok to be racist? Is it ok to break the law? 

It’s time we started using technology to find a better way.

That’s why we are building Voice: a platform architected for integrity, where real people can publish real content and have real discussions. A place where everyone is welcome because everyone respects each other and their right to be different. This is the vision, and we need like-minded people to help us get there. People who feel we deserve an online community free from fake accounts, fake news and fake privacy.

People who are for the collective pursuit of truth.

As we work through all the kinks, we’ll need your feedback and patience, and even more feedback and patience. Bringing this to life is a team effort, so consider this your official induction to the Voice team. Because not only can we not afford to do this without you, we don’t want to do this without you.

Join me, join us, and join Voice.

Yours in the pursuit,

Salah Zalatimo, CEO of Voice

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