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EOS旧金山黑客马拉松技术导师招募中/Calling Technical Mentors for the EOS Global Hackathon in San Francisco




您是否参与过EOSIO的开发和发布?您是否已经在这个平台上运行过基于区块链的应用?cleos, nodeos, keosd这些命令对您来说是否有特殊的含义?






  • 在EOSIO开发新人入门遇到难题的时候助他们一臂之力。
  • 帮助EOSIO的中级开发者,他们知道方法,但他们可能不知道最好的方法、最快的捷径或者某个黑客编译过程的正确解法。
  • 解决基本的疑难杂症。倒不是说会有人让您帮忙解决WIFI连接的问题,但也不排除这个可能!
  • 吃好、玩好、还能认识一些厉害的EOSIO社区的开发者同行。



It’s that time again. Following the huge success of’s EOS Global Hackathon events in Hong Kong, Sydney and London — where teams showcased their creative blockchain-based solutions and the top three from each hackathon walked away with cash prizes and the chance to compete in the Grand Finale, in Cape Town, for US$500,000 — our next stop is San Francisco. One more #EOSHackathon on the road to South Africa — and we really want to hear from you!

Have you been following the development and launch of EOSIO? Do you already have a blockchain-based application running on the platform? Do the words “cleos,” “nodeos” and “keosd” mean anything to you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above and love contributing to the EOSIO community, we’d like to invite you to apply to be a volunteer Technical Mentor at the event in San Francisco, November 10–11. Applicants who are accepted will have their hotel and airfares covered to and from San Francisco from their location.

To apply, please fill out the Mentor Application Form on the EOS Hackathon website.

In addition to being a vital part of the hackathon, you’ll get to share your knowledge of the platform and help those who are building amazing, innovative projects on EOSIO. Being a mentor can be hugely rewarding — check out what other mentors had to say about the hackathons in Hong Kong and Sydney:

Again, if the prospect of mentoring excites you, please fill out the Mentor Application Form on the EOS Hackathon website. If you have the right credentials, we’ll get back to you with additional information and details!

As part of the Mentors team, you’ll be:

  • Helping new EOSIO developers who may find themselves getting stuck as they get started.
  • Helping mid-level EOSIO developers who know the ropes but may not understand the best tools, easiest shortcuts, or the right solution for a hack build.
  • Solving general tech troubleshooting questions. We’re not saying you’re going to be asked to help connect to the WiFi… but you might be!
  • Eating great food, meeting other experienced EOSIO community developers, and having fun 🙂

We look forward to hearing from you!

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