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欧华律师事务所建议C3 EOS VC I基金投资瑞士金融科技公司Stableton/DLA Piper advises C3 EOS VC I Fund on investment into Swiss Fintech Stableton


欧华律师事务所建议德国科技投资人C3 EOS VC I基金投资瑞士金融科技平台Stableton Financial AG(Stableton)。加入本轮融资的还包括瑞士媒体TX集团的风投部门TX Ventures和现有的投资人DEWB,它是关注数字金融投资的德国私募基金。本轮投资之后,Stableton将获得1500万瑞郎的A轮融资。


C3 Management GmbH是一个资产管理公司,它注重管理风投基金并在全球范围内投资区块链技术公司。C3的其中一个使命是加快EOSIO区块链和EOSIO软件的增长、发展和应用。为了实现这一目标,C3管理了C3 EOS VC I基金,Block.one是基金会的资金来源。基金会为开发者和创业者提供资金,让它们能利用EOSIO,创造社区导向的业务。C3 EOS VC I基金总部位于德国法兰克福,它关注初期和发展阶段的技术公司。

欧华团队由律所合伙人Simon Vogel领导,团队还包括Oliver Schmidt律师(企业/私募股权,慕尼黑)


DLA Piper has advised German technology investor C3 EOS VC I Fund on its investment into Swiss Fintech platform Stableton Financial AG (Stableton). The funding round also included TX Ventures, the VC arm of Swiss media company TX Group, and existing investor DEWB, a German private equity firm focusing on digital finance investments. With this investment, Stableton is closing its CHF 15 million Series A funding round.

Stableton offers an alternative investment Fintech platform for qualified and institutional investors who seek exposure to top-tier alternative investments, in particular venture capital deals and portfolios. Stableton will use the funds to scale operations in Switzerland, broaden its technological offering and available investment structures, as well as expand internationally over the coming months.

C3 Management GmbH is an asset management company focused on managing venture funds which invest in blockchain technology companies worldwide. C3‘s mission is, among other things, to accelerate growth, development and especially adoption of EOSIO-based blockchains and the EOSIO software. Towards this mission, C3 manages the C3 EOS VC I Fund, which is partly funded by and offers developers and entrepreneurs the funding they need to create community-driven businesses leveraging EOSIO. C3 EOS VC I Fund, located in Frankfurt, Germany, focuses on early and growth stage technology companies.

The DLA Piper team was led by partner Simon Vogel and also included associate Oliver Schmidt (both Corporate/Private Equity, Munich).

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