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Bullish获得了100个十亿(一千亿)的总交易量/Bullish is 100 (billion)



文/ Mark Woods,产品经理







Bullish is 100 (billion)


By Mark Woods, Head of Product 

The number 100 is hugely symbolic.

100 is seen as powerful and used to express achievement, approval, and motivation. So, what does $100 billion in total trading volumes signify to us?

At Bullish, we take it as affirmation that our nine-month old cryptocurrency exchange has built, and continues to build, trust with our institutional customers. Coupled with our BTC/USD market, which has quickly grown to provide the deepest liquidity in the world, we’re making it possible for our customers to rely on Bullish for predictable markets even during the most turbulent times—and we’re grateful for that trust.

Reaching $100 billion in less than a year isn’t something we take lightly. It’s a number that represents the many, or should I say billion, ways that my colleagues have contributed to make us one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, I join our team in cheering this milestone.

We see this track record of success as proof that Bullish is here to stay. Our story is only beginning to be told, and I’m confident our product evolution will continue to shake up the industry. 

100 is just the beginning. Watch this space.

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Bullish is 100 (billion) | Bullish

Bullish is 100 (billion) | Bullish

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