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Voice 上的艺术家可以因为作品升值获得版税。这个制度让创作者和收藏家联系起来。NFT在初次销售之后每销售一次,原创者都会获得作品最终价格1%的版税。




One of the biggest benefits of NFTs is the financial freedom they provide to artists. The structure of NFT sales is widely known to cut out the middlemen — galleries, institutions, etc. — that would typically control sales from start to finish. 

On Voice, artists can create an account and start earning from their fans in under five minutes, a drastic improvement from more institutional, and inherently slower, sales systems.

From sales to auctions, here’s a few tips to start selling your creations on Voice.

How do I put my NFT up for sale?

Once you’ve minted your creations, check out the detail page for the one you want to list and select the Sell button to set your price or set the piece up for auction

Choose a price and set it live. Anyone who follows you on Voice will receive a notification that your creation is for sale/auction, or you can also share with your followers on social media. You can always cancel the sale of your NFT if you change your mind.

Can I resell an NFT that I’ve purchased?

You can resell any NFT that you own on Voice whenever you want. While you can’t transfer the NFT to another chain or resell on a different platform at this time, stay tuned for updates.

How will I know when my creation has sold?

Once a collector has purchased your piece, we’ll notify you by email with the receipt of the purchase. After the payment is processed, we’ll also transfer ownership, which you’ll be able to see in the History section of the NFT detail page.

Will I receive royalties from my NFTs?

On Voice, artists receive royalties on appreciation. Appreciation keeps the creators and collectors aligned. Each time an NFT sells past the primary sale, the original creator gets a percentage of the final value of the work.

For more on selling your NFTs on Voice, check out our Help Center.

What are you going to sell first? Let us know on social @VoiceHQ.

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