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Voice宣布Maliha Abidi担任NFT.NYC展览的策展人/Announcing Maliha Abidi as curator for Voice’s NFT.NYC gallery




11月1日,星期四,纽约布什威克DorDor画廊将展出来自Voice NFT艺术家的25幅作品。

我们高兴地宣布,本次展览的策展人是Maliha Abidi,她是巴基斯坦裔美国人,作家和Story of Mental Health平台的创立者。她的作品关注女权、心理健康、性别平等、女性教育、扩大边缘社区的声音。









The rise of NFTs has represented many things, one of which increased opportunities for digital artists that didn’t exist in decades past. One such opportunity: display in a traditional gallery environment. 

On Monday, November 1, the digital displays at DorDor Gallery in Bushwick, New York will feature 25 works from artists who have created NFTs on Voice. 

We are pleased to announce that the works will be curated by Maliha Abidi, a Pakistani-American artist, author, and founder of “Story of Mental Health”. Her work focuses on women’s rights, mental health, gender equity, girl’s education and amplifying the voices from the marginalised communities.  

Abidi’s mission aligns with Voice’s goal of inclusivity, bringing the power of NFTs to everyone. 

“I am excited to curate this gallery because it is a beautiful way through which the traditional and the digital are coming together,” says Abidi, “while giving NFT artists an incredible opportunity for their work to be exhibited in a physical space.”

Submit your work

 Submissions opened October 1st and artists selected will be announced by October 25th.

Submissions must be NFTs minted on Voice, but beyond that the possibilities are endless. Display your poetry, paintings, 3D animations, and more. If your NFT has a complementary physical element, you have the option of showcasing that as well. 

Interested in attending? 

Our tickets are NFTs, of course, minted by the DorDor Gallery in a limited amount. If you haven’t already, create your Voice account then buy tickets here. You must have a ticket in your Voice account to enter on November 1.

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