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Bullish完成了七周的公测/Bullish completes seven-week pilot program

Bullish Pilot Wrap








On September 13, the Bullish exchange officially closed its seven-week pilot program which included three paper trading games in addition to a test environment for institutional users. Running from July 27, 2021, the pilot hosted more than 3,300 users globally consisting of both retail and institutional participants, who provided feedback, raised queries and had a ground-up opportunity to help prepare the exchange for its launch later in 2021.

Across the pilot, participants were able to access the Bullish Hybrid Order Book as well as features and services including spot trading, margin trading, and novel ways to earn on their holdings via Bullish Liquidity Pools in a simulated environment. The Hybrid Order Book allows participants to take advantage of deep liquidity, powered by the Bullish Liquidity Pools, combined with traditional limit orders.  

We’d like to thank all those who participated in the pilot program. Our Engineering and Tech Ops teams released more than 30 changes to improve the platform over the course of the pilot. 

Your feedback has been invaluable, and we can’t wait to fully unleash this new breed of digital assets trading later this year. We’re looking forward to welcoming select institutions in the coming months when Bullish Group expects to initially make available at least US$3 billion of balance sheet assets to the Bullish Liquidity Pools, followed by a full launch later in the year. 

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