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Voice宣布NFT.NYC启动仪式演讲人/Announcing the speakers for Voice’s NFT.NYC Kickoff event




我们会在11月1日周一早上举办Getting into NFTs 活动,之后会面向我们的社区成员的作品展。



Chad Knight会参加会议,讨论如何进入数字艺术,他会和我们分享他的心路历程,也会给新手提供可靠的建议。Knight是独立艺术家,他是耐克的3D设计总监,也是Voice NFT驻留计划的策展人。

Diana Sinclair会加入我们的创作者小组,她虽然是NFT领域新型艺术家,但已经取得了巨大的瞩目。Sinclair作为视觉艺术家获得过国际大奖,她还是活动家和策展人。他们的作品关注身份、自我探索和社会公正。

Emonee LaRussa则是在Voice上刚开始出售NFT藏品的艺术家,获得的收益讲用在自己非营利机构JumpStart Designers,她将是我们炉边谈话的客座嘉宾,将和Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo畅谈如何把年轻的艺术家带到数字艺术领域。


此外,参与者还能够参加一场数字展览,展览作品都在Voice社区中产生。这次艺术展的策展人是巴基斯坦裔美国人Maliha Abidi,,他是艺术家、作家、Story of Mental Health平台的创始人。






In just a few weeks, NFT enthusiasts will descend upon to celebrate a milestone year: mainstream media coverage, massive sales, and major movement from brands and notable names. Voice will be celebrating too, but in our own way: by bringing more people into the world of NFTs, in line with our ultimate goal of making NFTs for everyone. 

We’re hosting an event called Getting into NFTs on the morning of Monday, November 1, followed by a gallery displaying works from our community members. 

Speaker announcement

We’re thrilled to announce our first round of speakers: artists who are making waves in the NFT community through their stunning work. 

Chad Knight will present a session on getting into digital art, sharing his journey and offering tactical advice for those just starting off. Knight is a freelance artist and the head of 3D Design at Nike, as well as a curator of Voice’s NFT Residency. 

Diana Sinclair will join our creators panel, discussing her work as a young artist in the NFT space who has already made headlines.  Sinclair is an internationally awarded visual artist, activist, and curator. Their artwork centers identity, self-exploration, and social justice.

Emonee LaRussa, fresh off selling out her NFT collection on Voice to benefit her nonprofit JumpStart Designers, will be the guest in a fireside chat with Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo about bringing young artists into the world of digital art. 

Gallery update

Additionally, our attendees will be treated to digital displays of a selected number of artworks produced by the Voice community. This gallery has been curated by Maliha Abidi, a Pakistani-American artist, author, and founder of “Story of Mental Health”. 

Abidi will also join Sinclair on the creators panel to discuss her work as an artist and an exciting upcoming NFT project. 

This event will be a true merging of the minds: where established artists mingle with those just stepping into the digital art space. There will be networking, panels, food and a lot of inspiration.

Interested in attending? 

Our tickets are NFTs, of course, minted by the DorDor Gallery in a limited amount. If you haven’t already, create your Voice account, then buy your ticket here. You must have a ticket in your Voice account to enter on November 1. 

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