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Block.one宣布和集体诉讼达成和解/ Announces Settlement of Class Action Lawsuit



Block.one和Crypto Assets Opportunity Fund发起的集体诉讼达成了和解,本次诉讼针对该公司在2017年6月到2018年6月期间销售的代币及其后续事宜。






原文/Original: has entered into a settlement to resolve the class action lawsuit launched by the Crypto Assets Opportunity Fund related to the company’s token sale that took place between June 2017 and June 2018, and various subsequent matters. 

Upon approval by the court, the $27.5 million settlement will close the lawsuit. issued the following statement regarding the announcement:

“ believes this lawsuit was without merit and filled with numerous inaccuracies. However, accepting this settlement allows us to focus more time and energy on running our business and delivering new products.”

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