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Cryptology 资产集团出资一亿美元,在全球投资加密技术相关的风投基金/Cryptology Asset Group Commits USD 100 Million to Invest Globally in Crypto-related Venture Funds



领先的欧洲投资公司Cryptology 资产集团(ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP:GR)打算在未来24个月间向加密技术相关的风投基金投资一亿美元。该公司是由Christian Angermayer和Mike Novogratz成立的,投资方向主要是区块链和加密技术相关的业务。


Cryptology的创始人Christian Angermayer解释说,“我们现在处于加密革命初期,我们努力成为这个新兴的资产类别中领先的全球投资者。我们的资产投资策略会关注新型人才和全球投资,我们投资形式包括加密技术和区块链相关企业的股权和投资加密资产和代币。”

Cryptology CEO Patrick Lowry补充说,“在我看来,没有什么比加密资产更好的资产类别了。截至2021年6月1日,Cryptology投资的资本在三周内从大约2700万欧元上升到净资产价值4.5亿欧元。所以,估计有300%的年投资内部收益率,这就充分证明了我们亲眼所见的结构性转变。我们会在接下来几年,甚至几十年里,努力保持这个成功的态势。”





关于 上市公司Cryptology 资产集团

Cryptology是领先的欧洲投资企业,其主要关注加密资产和区块链相关的企业模式。Cryptology是Christian Angermayer的家庭基金、Apeiron投资集团和加密技术传奇Mike Novogratz成立的,它是欧洲最大的投资区块链和加密技术企业模型的上市控股公司。值得一提的是,其投资公司还包括加密技术巨头和EOSIO软件发布者、领先的高性能计算机提供商Northern Data、免收佣金的线上新经纪人nextmarkets、加密资产管理集团Iconic Funds。


Cryptology Asset Group (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP:GR), a leading European investment company for blockchain- and crypto-related businesses founded by Christian Angermayer and Mike Novogratz, intends to invest USD 100 million over the next 24 months into crypto-related venture funds.

Cryptology will take an entrepreneurial approach in building its fund portfolio and will focus on first time funds and emerging managers, globally, including seeding funds and taking stakes in GPs as well.

Christian Angermayer, Founder of Cryptology, explains: “We are at the very beginning of the crypto revolution, and we strive to become one of the leading global investors in this very nascent asset class. Our fund investment strategy will focus on emerging talent, taking a global approach, and will encompass both funds investing in equity stakes of crypto- and blockchain related companies as well as funds investing in crypto assets and tokens.”

Patrick Lowry, CEO of Cryptology, adds: “There is no better asset class to bet on than crypto, in my opinion. Within just three years, Cryptology has grown invested capital of approx. EUR 27 million into an NAV of approx. EUR 450 million, as of June 1, 2021. This results in an estimated IRR of more than 300% per year, which is an impressive testimony to the tectonic shift we are seeing in front of our very eyes. We will work hard to continue this success story in the coming years and decades.

Patrick further elaborates: “With regards to our fund investment strategy, our vision is to collaborate closely with our portfolio funds, offering them access to our broad network and experience, as well as to co-invest alongside them into innovative blockchain companies and crypto assets.”

Cryptology is one of the few stock-market listed investment companies exclusively focusing on crypto and blockchain related businesses, trading on multiple German exchanges under the ticker symbol CAP:GR and ISIN MT0001770107.

Cryptology offers retail and institutional investors unparalleled and easy access, via its daily liquid shares, to an exclusive asset class that is otherwise reserved for a small group of investors, given that most companies and funds in the crypto sector are still private. For example, Cryptology offers indirect participation in iconic crypto giant, the publishers of EOSIO, and their newly announced exchange, BULLISH.

Cryptology’s fund investment strategy will strengthen its position as the leading access stock to a global, diversified crypto portfolio.

About Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c. 
Cryptology is a leading European investment company for crypto assets and blockchain-related business models. Founded by Christian Angermayer’s family office, Apeiron Investment Group and crypto-legend Mike Novogratz, Cryptology is the largest publicly traded holding company for blockchain- and crypto-based business models in Europe. Noteworthy portfolio companies include crypto-giant and EOSIO software publisher, leading HPC provider Northern Data, commission-free online neobroker nextmarkets, and crypto asset management group Iconic Funds.

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