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Voice宣布新的工程副总裁William Anderson /Voice Announces New VP of Engineering, William Anderson



针对新兴的内容创造者的NFT市场Voice今天宣布新上任的工程副总裁William Anderson。Anderson会监督工程的各方面,同时会在启动下一代Voice产品中起指导性作用。

“我们很高兴William能加入Voice团队。William这样的工程领导人很少见,他能把技术专长、务实的决策和对用户的热忱结合起来。”Voice的CEO Salah Zalatimo说。

William Anderson, 工程副总裁

在此之前,Wiliam Anderson担任福布斯的工程副总裁,在他的带领下,该公司转到云技术和数字现代化上。再之前,他和他人共同创建了一个创意组织,为世界上一些最知名的品牌做科技项目,运营精品和大型机构。Anderson12岁开始编程,后毕业于帕森斯设计学院。

“我喜欢收藏,我也爱创造。在此之外就是要让别人也能做同样的事。Voice现在把焦点转向NFT并强调其创造者,这会改变世界对这二者的处理方式,我也迫不及待想参与进这个愿景中,并把它呈现给每个人。”工程副总裁William Anderson说。

William Anderson在普林斯顿做过职业发展的讲座,在谷歌云峰会聊过云架构,在新学院做过副教授,还在福布斯、Startup、Better Marketing和Magenta上发表过多篇管理类文章。Anderson热爱创造,在核心职业之外他还花了很多时间做玩具和游戏——既有电子的也有真实的。

Anderson将在2021年4月26日周一开始在Voice任职,他的直接领导是Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo

来源: Voice



Voice, the NFT marketplace for emerging creators, today announced their new VP of Engineering, William Anderson. Anderson will oversee all aspects of engineering and will play an instrumental role in launching the next generation of Voice’s product. 

“We are thrilled to welcome William to the Voice team. William is a rare kind of engineering leader who combines technical expertise, pragmatic decision making and a passionate commitment to our users.” – Salah Zalatimo, CEO, Voice. 

William Anderson, VP of Engineering

William Anderson was most recently VP of Engineering at Forbes where he steered the company’s migration to the cloud and digital modernization. Prior to Forbes, Anderson co-founded a creative agency and led tech projects for some of the world’s most recognized brands, operating out of both boutique and larger agencies. Anderson started coding at the age of 12 and later graduated from Parsons School of Design.

“I love collecting, and I love creating. Beyond that is the power to enable others to do the same. Voice’s new focus on NFTs with an emphasis on their creators will change how the world approaches both, and I couldn’t be more excited to help shape that vision and deliver that to everyone.” — William Anderson, VP of Engineering.

William Anderson has spoken about career building at Princeton, Cloud Architectures at Google Cloud Summit, taught as an adjunct professor at the New School, and published a number of articles on management and leadership across Forbes, The Startup, Better Marketing, and Magenta. Anderson loves creating and spends much of his free time outside of his core-career on making toys and games — both digital and physical. 

Anderson’s first day at Voice is Monday, April 26th, 2021. He will report directly to Voice’s CEO, Salah Zalatimo. 


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