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eosfinex在传递火炬:开源其核心IP将把平台行业领先的交易所技术交到开发者社区手上/eosfinex is passing the torch, open-source access to its core IP will put the platform’s industry leading exchange technology in the hands of the developer community.



eosfinex将开源开放其核心基础架构和知识产权,把交易所技术的控制权从其创始团队的手上交给开发者社区。eosfinex EOS智能合约和连接了EOS区块链和链下交易对服务(如Bitfinex)的插件将马上公开。之后不久,eosfinex UI库也会免费开放给任何想用的人。





eosfinex智能合约技术的Github repo可以访问


eosfinex will give open-source access to its core infrastructure and intellectual property, shifting control of the exchange technology from the hands of its founding team to the developer community. The eosfinex EOS smart contract and the plugin which connects the EOS blockchain with off-chain order matching services such as Bitfinex will be made available immediately. Soon after that, the eosfinex UI library will also be freely available to anyone who wishes to use it.

By handing over this technology to the EOS community, eosfinex aims to decentralize the ability to build non-custodial exchanges and bridges that pair the security and transparency of EOS with liquidity and performant order matching technologies of off-chain exchange venues.

eosfinex was built in the ethos of decentralized finance (DeFi), to research and drive the development and adoption of innovative blockchain technologies. The current ecosystem is primed with resources for the next generation of developers, including the support of the eosfinex team, who will be available to support developers by answering any questions in Github.

As of March 12th, 2021 at 12:00pm UTC eosfinex will disable all deposits. On the 22nd March it will disable trading and return any remaining funds in the smart contract to users, and on April 2nd, 2021 it will close, as the final step in making the IP freely available to the developer community.

Bitfinex will continue to support the EOS community and EOS tokens and customers who hold pBTC can proceed to trade it on the Bitfinex platform. In addition to opening its IP to the community, a number of EOS tokens will be listed on Bitfinex in the coming weeks.

A Github repo for eosfinex smart contract technology can be found at:

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