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CoinDCX宣布在B轮融资中获得1390万融资/Announcing our $13.9 Million Series B Funding Round

Announcing CoinDCX Series B Funding



  1. CoinDCX在B轮融资中获得1,390万美元(10亿卢比)
  2. CoinDCX将推出的新应用将会成为世界上最简单的比特币应用
  3. CoinDCX感谢整个社区对他们的信赖和不断的帮助

我们高兴地宣布,我们在B轮融资中获得1亿卢比(1,390万美元),我们将用这笔融资加速推动加密技术在印度和全世界的大规模使用。我们想感谢我们的投资人DG, Jump Capital,,Uncorrelated Ventures,Mehta Ventures 和Alex Pack,我们也要感谢重新投资的资方,如Coinbase Ventures 和 Polychain Capital,感谢他们参与本轮投资并信任我们的愿景。这笔融资代表着我们在努力创建更先进的加密产品、简化投资加密产品过程、现代化金融空间和聘请行业最顶尖人才的道路上向前迈了一大步。


CoinDCX的CEO和联合创始人Sumit Gupta说,“这是CoinDCX最振奋的一年。尽管疫情导致人们只能呆在室内,但是CoinDCX却在不断快速发展。我们的团队成员从3月份的30个上升到12月的90个,我们也会继续积极招聘。前一轮和本轮融资获得的资金将帮助我们把新推出的这个应用,CoinDCX Go,做成收费应用,让它成为普通印度人接触加密货币最简单、最安全的方式。这个新应用是我们#TryCrypto运动的旗舰产品,本次运动我们的目标是让5000万印度人进入加密货币市场。

Polychain Capital 创始人和重新投资我们的Olaf Carlson-Wee说,“之前我们就和CoinDCX合作过,我们确实对他们的发展程度印象深刻。这个成熟的团队还在不断发展,所以CoinDCX一定能强化其作为印度最大的加密货币公司的地位。”

发布了EOS.IO分布式账本软件的Block.One的CEO Brendan Blumer说,“到了2020年,对数字资产的兴趣在不断增强,更多的投资者探索新的流动性选择。因为今年全球的情况,我们看到这个趋势在快速发展,不管是机构还是个人投资者都使用这种新的资产形式、让自己的投资组合多样化。因为人们对数字货币的兴趣提高了,所以CoinDCX想让世界上人口第二大国的每个人都能获得加密货币的愿望就更重要的。我们很高兴能够和区块链和加密货币行业最聪明的投资人一起支持这个大规模应用数字资产的运动。”


Jump Capital 的普通合伙人Saurabh Sharma说,“印度是加密货币的新兴市场,世界其它地方意识到CoinDCX给印度带来了加密货币的革命只是时间问题。作为CoinDCX最早的投资人之一,我们自豪和开心地看到这个交易所能在这么短的时间内发展得这么快。“





  • CoinDCX raised $13.9M ( ₹100 Crore) in Series B.
  • CoinDCX is going to launch a new app which is going to be the simplest Bitcoin app in the world
  • CoinDCX thanks its entire community for their trust and constant support

We at CoinDCX are delighted to share with you that we have raised ₹100 Crore ($13.9 Million) in our Series B funding round which will be used to accelerate our initiatives in driving mass crypto adoption in India and the world. We would like to thank our investors DG, Jump Capital,, Uncorrelated Ventures, Mehta Ventures and Alex Pack, and our returning investors such as Coinbase Ventures and Polychain Capital for participating in this round and trusting in our vision. The financing represents a giant leap forward in our efforts to create more advanced crypto-based products, simplify investing into cryptos, modernize the financial space, and hiring some of the top talents in the industry. 

We at CoinDCX believe in removing each and every impediment which stops people from investing and trading cryptocurrencies. Our products, features, partnerships, academy, and  campaigns are a clear testament of the steps we have taken in this direction. As acceptance of cryptocurrencies is becoming a norm globally, we will strengthen our #TryCrypto movement with our aspirations in becoming the safest and easiest place to invest in cryptos alongside creating sophisticated and professional products and services creating a pathway for legacy investors as well. Soon, we are going to launch a new app which is going to be the simplest Bitcoin app in the world where Indians will be able to invest in top cryptocurrencies legally, easily and safely with zero fee. 

Sumit Gupta, Our CEO and co-founder of CoinDCX, “This has been the most exciting year for CoinDCX. While the pandemic forced everyone indoors, CoinDCX scaled up exponentially and continues to do so. Our team tripled in number from 30 in March to 90 in December, and we are continuing to hire aggressively. The funds raised in the past as well as the current round, will help us develop our newly launched crypto to INR app, CoinDCX Go and make it the easiest and the safest way to onboard the everyday Indian into cryptocurrencies. The new app, is a flagship product from our #TryCrypto movement which aims to onboard 50 million Indians into the cryptocurrency market.”

Olaf Carlson-Wee, Founder of Polychain Capital and our returning investor, “We have worked with CoinDCX in the past and we are really impressed with the amount of development, the company has carried out. With a seasoned team that is growing, CoinDCX is poised to strengthen its position as the largest crypto company in India.” 

Brendan Blumer, the CEO of Block.One, the tech company producing the EOS.IO distributed ledger software, said, “Leading up to 2020, interest in digital assets was growing consistently as more investors explored these new liquidity options. With the global events this year, we’re seeing this trend accelerate exponentially, as both institutional and individual investors embrace these new asset classes to diversify their portfolios. With the increased interest in digital currencies, CoinDCX’s role in making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone in the world’s second most populous country is even more vital. We’re excited to be partnering with some of the smartest investors in blockchain and crypto to support mass-scale digital asset adoption.”

CoinDCX has witnessed spectacular growth in the past 3 quarters. The numbers surpassed our own projections and we would like to acknowledge CoinDCX’s entire team for this achievement which has worked tirelessly for this feat. We saw 3X growth in the overall volume traded and saw 4X quarter-over-quarter growth in daily active users, in the Apr-Jun quarter. Overall in Q2 and Q3, CoinDCX saw a 12% increase in signups and a 20% increase in volume. CoinDCX saw 21% Month on Month (MoM) growth in trade volume and 25% MoM growth in the number of users, in October.

Saurabh Sharma, General Partner at Jump Capital said, “India is an emerging market for cryptocurrencies and it is only a matter of time, the rest of the world recognizes that CoinDCX has spearheaded the cryptocurrency revolution in India. As one of CoinDCX’s earliest investors, we are proud and heartened to see the exchange evolve so quickly in such a short span of time.”

In CoinDCX, we have always prioritised listening to our users who we consider our patrons. We always ran early access, beta testing, and product feedback programs to create solutions which directly cater to your needs. With this achievement, we wish to convey to our entire community that without you, none of this would have been possible. Your trust in us is an essential driver of our success and we will continue to serve you with world-class innovations, every-second support, and an extremely-friendly customer experience. 

Thank you for your support as we continue to grow together.

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