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Block.one将参加本周新加坡的金融科技周/ Presents at Singapore Fintech Week



Block.one将远程参加新加坡The Working Capitol举办的金融科技周,本次金融科技周和新加坡金融科技嘉年华合作,将在12月7日到11日举行一系列卫星活动。我们欢迎大家关注Block.one的活动,听取关于区块链基础、数字货币未来、EOSIO如何帮助企业、云网络安全技术的专家意见。

本次活动将包含40多个卫星活动,我们很荣幸能和The Working Capitol共同主持这场卫星活动。参与者可以远程加入我们的会议、本次活动面向大众。

将参加本次在The Working Capitol举办的金融科技周的Block.one发言人包括(按照新加坡时间出场顺序排列)



Tune in to’s virtual presentations at the Fintech Week at The Working Capitol, a series of satellite events running in partnership with the Singapore FinTech Festival, from December 7-11 to hear from our experts on blockchain basics, the future of digital currencies, how EOSIO is helping enterprises, and cloud cybersecurity.

We’re proud to be hosting the satellite event with The Working Capitol as one of over 40 satellite events. Participants can join our sessions virtually, and the program is open to the public. speakers featured at the Fintech Week at The Working Capitol include (in order of appearance, all times Singapore)

We hope you’ll join us!

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