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为公共和私营部门举办的国际区块链大会Blockchain Live 将于 9 月 26 日,在奥林匹亚举行。今日,Blockchian Live 宣布,很荣幸与 Block.One 达成伙伴关系。Block.One 是一家全球领先的区块链软件公司,也是革命性 EOSIO 协议的发布者,它与Blockchain Live 建立了独家战略伙伴关系。

Block Live 旨在为企业和公共部门解锁区块链的价值。它拥有 9 个免费的内容平台,100 多位专家讲者,50 家区块链供应商以及 3000 多位访问者。大会期间,由众多先驱及成功的产品供应商为区块链应用、商业模型以及战略策划提供切实、跨领域的学习案例、主题报告和产品方案。



“区块链对商业以及跨领域的影响是不可忽视的,” Block.one的CEO Brendan Blumer说道,“我们很高兴能够作为Blockchain Live的战略合作伙伴参与此次大会,作为EOSIO的发布者,平台运行的先行人,这让我们大量运用了区块链技术,并展示它在现实世界的使用案例和项目。”


  • Daniel Larimer, Block.oone CTO及联合创始人、BitShare及Steemit的创始人、三项世界知名区块链项目的创始人Brendan Blumer, Block.oone CEO和联合创始人、连续创业家、区块链先驱
  • Rob Jesudason, 集团主席和COO、 澳大利亚联邦银行前CFO
  • Michael Alexander, EOS VC风险资金部的CEO、Jefferies Group Asia前CEO
  • Blythe Masters, 为世界大型金融机构构建企业分布式总账软件的金融技术公司Digital Asset的CEO 。
  • Alex Tapscott, 国际知名作家,著有《区块链革命》、演讲者、投资人和咨询顾问,聚焦新兴技术的影响,例如区块链和加密货币对商业、社会以及政府的影响
  • Oliver Bussmann, 财富100强公司的区块链顾问,UBS及SAP前集团首席信息官
  • Simon Taylor, 11:FS联合创始人和区块链总监,为客户提供金融技术类咨询建议,包括APIs、区块链、数字转移,横跨保险、资产管理和银行领域
  • Nick Szabo, 以比特币架构的直接先驱为人所熟知,Satoshi Nakamoto认为他对比特币颇有影响。

Blockchain Live也将设有Block.one村庄,展示由EOSIO软件驱动的最有趣且先进的应用。Blockchain Live的参与者将有机会访问该村庄并体验真实的使用案例,运行区块链应用,这些应用囊括了身份识别、音乐、游戏、金融、交通和电子邮件领域。



Event to feature speeches from top minds in DLT, showcase leading blockchain projects

Blockchain Live, an international blockchain event for the public and private sector to be held at Olympia on September 26, today announced that it is proud to partner with Block.One, a global-leading blockchain software company and publisher of the ground-breaking EOSIO protocol, as the exclusive strategic partner for the event.

Blockchain Live aims to unlock the value of blockchain for enterprise and the public sector. It features nine free stages of content, 100+ expert speakers, 50 blockchain suppliers and 3,000 visitors. It will provide practical, cross-sector case studies, keynotes and product solutions for blockchain application, business modelling and strategic planning delivered by pioneers and product providers who’ve been there, done it and made it work.

It is the only blockchain event of its size in London dedicated to tackling the challenges related to blockchain adoption.

The agenda will feature keynotes, case studies in financial services, energy, real estate and government, as well as lively panel discussions, interactive workshops and insights into the latest in tech and software developments.

“The impact of blockchain on businesses and across industries is undeniable,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO of “We’re thrilled to participate as the strategic partner of Blockchain Live and, as publisher of EOSIO, pioneer the operating platform that can bring mass adoption of blockchain technology and showcase how it is now supporting real-world use cases and projects.”

The event programme contains world-renowned speakers and aims to educate and advise the audience using case studies, panel discussions, expert seminars and live debate. It includes:

  • Daniel Larimer, CTO and Co-Founder, and founder of BitShares and Steemit, three of the most well-regarded blockchain projects in the world
  • Brendan Blumer, CEO and Co-Founder,, a serial entrepreneur and blockchain pioneer
  • Rob Jesudason, Group President and COO of and former CFO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Michael Alexander, CEO of’s EOS VC venture capital arm and former CEO of Jefferies Group Asia
  • Blythe Masters, CEO at Digital Asset a financial technology company that builds enterprise distributed ledger software for the world’s largest financial institutions.
  • Alex Tapscott, Author, ‘Blockchain Revolution’, is a globally-recognised writer, speaker, investor and adviser focused on the impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, on business, society and government
  • Oliver Bussmann, blockchain Advisor to Fortune 100 companies & former Group Chief Information Officer of UBS and SAP
  • Simon Taylor, Co-Founder and Blockchain Director 11:FS, advises clients on a range of Fintech subjects include APIs, Blockchain and Digital transformation, across Insurance, Asset Management and Banks
  • Nick Szabo, referred to by many as a direct precursor to the Bitcoin architecture and acknowledged as an influence for Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Blockchain Live will also feature the village, a showcase of the most interesting and cutting-edge applications powered by the EOSIO software. Blockchain Live participants will have the opportunity to visit the village and experience real-life use cases and functioning blockchain applications that cover identity, music, gaming, finance, transportation and email.

Join us as we examine how to move beyond proof-of-concept towards resilient, scalable systems to reduce costs, improve efficiency, transparency, security and future-proof businesses against increased market competition for both organisations and citizens.

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