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Dazzle Rock 为Minecraft类的移动MMO募集680万美元/Dazzle Rocks raises $6.8 million for Minecraft-like mobile MMO

Dazzle Rocks正在开发移动优先的沙箱MMO。
Dazzle Rocks正在奋战首款移动沙盒MMO。
图片提供:Dazzle Rocks


Dazzle Rock募集了680万美元,投资于自身大型多人在线移动游戏,该游戏为沙盒世界(与微软流行的Mincraft类似)。

Galaxy Interactive通过自身Galaxy EOS VC Fund与Spintop Ventures、Ken Lamb(Dazzle Rocks主席、Initial Capital联合创始人)、ByFounders、David Helgason、MTG、Sisu Game Venture以及其他来自公司早期融资轮的投资者们引领该轮投资。

Dazzle Rocks位于赫尔辛基,自2015年来一直致力于首款移动可拓展MMO。公司首席执行官在Stella Wang曾在一次访谈中说道,该公司于二月中旬关闭该轮融资,在新冠肺炎影响融资之前便已结束。



上图:Dazzle Rocks 首席执行官Stella Want和首席运营官Joonas Jokela。
图片提供:Dazzle Rocks




Wang以及Jokela此前在Rovio Entertainment任职。在Dazzle Rock成立很短时间后,另一位开发人员加入了他们:Alexander Schachtschabel,他曾多年在Rovio及Ericsson等公司构建高度可扩展的移动服务。

Galaxy Interactive合伙人Richard Kim加入了Dazzle Rocks董事会,成员还有Wang、Jokela、Lamb、Erik Wenngren以及Spintop Ventures的联合创始人和合伙人。Sam Englebardt最近在我们GamesBeat 2020峰会修正了Metaverse(虚拟世界宇宙)的一个环节

Dazzle Rocks首席运营官Jokela曾在一次发言中说道,该公司蓄势待发,准备向西方市场开放测试,随后将向关键亚洲市场开放,包括中国大陆、韩国、日本和中国台湾。他说,游戏的自定义社交MMO引擎现已完成,可实现大规模的全球可扩展性并为未来的游戏提供渠道。Wang说,目标是2020年下半年上市。

上图:Dazzle Rock 正制作社交时代游戏
图片提供:Dazzle Rocks

Dazzle Rocks拥有14名员工,Wang说,公司正在招聘“有志向的游戏开发人员,从而打造有影响力的社交体验。”她说,公司的目标是在今年超过20名雇员。随着时间推移,该公司将添加移动平台之外的平台。






Dazzle Rocks is working on a mobile-first sandbox MMO.
Dazzle Rocks is working on a mobile-first sandbox MMO.
Image Credit: Dazzle Rocks

Dazzle Rocks has raised $6.8 million in funding to bankroll its massively multiplayer online mobile game that is a sandbox world (think similar to Microsoft’s popular Minecraft).

Galaxy Interactive, via its Galaxy EOS VC Fund, led the round with additional participation by Spintop Ventures, Ken Lamb (Dazzle Rocks chairman and cofounder of Initial Capital), ByFounders, David Helgason, MTG, Sisu Game Ventures, and other investors from the company’s earlier financing rounds.Recommended VideosPowered by AnyClipUnique Rock From Apollo 17 Reveals Evidence Of Massive Impact EventVideo Player is loading.PauseUnmuteDuration -:-Toggle Close Captions/Current Time 0:00Loaded: 75.82% FullscreenUp Next

The Helsinki-based Dazzle Rocks has been working on the mobile-first scalable MMO since 2015. CEO Stella Wang said in an interview that the company closed the round in mid-February, just before fundraising became more difficult because of the coronavirus.

She said the investment will be used to continue developing the company’s next-generation social gaming experience in a sandbox world. The game doesn’t have a name yet, but Wang said it has been intentionally designed and built from inception to be attractive to both Western and key East Asian markets (including China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan).

“We choose a little bit more Nintendo flavor that is easy for both the West and the East to play,” Wang said. “We think we offer a lot more creative freedom than some of the other games, but we also make it approachable for the mass market. People can build things based on blueprints.”

Above: Dazzle Rocks CEO Stella Wang and COO Joonas Jokela.
Image Credit: Dazzle Rocks

The team also designed the game to appeal to both women and men.

“We ran a test and immediately, a lot of people were saying that this is like Minecraft and Animal Crossing,” Wang said. “It was a nice shock.”

Wang and Joonas Jokela founded the company in 2015. During the Slush conference last fall in Finland, I visited them and saw a demo. While it doesn’t have a name yet, the game is cute, with lots of beautiful colors. And Wang showed it in the company’s downtown Helsinki office with historic stove heaters.

Wang and Jokela were previously at Rovio Entertainment. Shortly after the Dazzle Rock’s founding, another developer joined them: Alexander Schachtschabel, who brought his many years of experience in building highly scalable services at mobile-focused companies such as Rovio and Ericsson.

Galaxy Interactive partner Richard Kim has joined the Dazzle Rocks board, alongside Wang, Jokela, Lamb, and Erik Wenngren, cofounder and partner at Spintop Ventures. Sam Englebardt, recently moderated a session on the Metaverse (the universe of virtual worlds) at our recent GamesBeat Summit 2020 event.

Jokela, chief operating officer of Dazzle Rocks, said in a statement that the company is in the final stage of releasing the open beta for Western markets, and it will follow later with key Asian markets, including China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. He said the game’s custom social MMO engine is now complete and enables massive global scalability and a pipeline for future games. The target is to launch in the second half of 2020, Wang said.

Above: Dazzle Rocks is making games for the social generation.
Image Credit: Dazzle Rocks

Dazzle Rocks has 14 employees, and Wang said the company is hiring “ambitious game developers to create an impactful social experience.” She said the company aims to cross 20 employees this year. Over time, the company will add new platforms beyond mobile.

Wang said the game will be a persistent universe, so you can return to your property and possessions when you log back into the game. You can start out with a small plot and begin crafting materials. You can make furniture, raw materials for buildings, and get materials from other players as well.

“It’s a player-driven economy,” Wang said.

The game has dynamic weather, which can change and help trees and flora grow better if it’s wet.

“We’re doing this during the pandemic time, and we hope people can see the power of virtual and social with the platform,” Wang said. “I’m very excited that in the second quarter we will be able to show the world that people can play in these virtual spaces and create.”

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