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EOSIO虚拟黑客马拉松“为变革编程”今日开启/EOSIO Virtual Hackathon “Coding for Change” Begins Today






“为变革编程”截止日期为2020年6月1日,将于2020年6月12日宣布获胜者。评审团成员包括 首席执行官 Brendan Blumer、Block.one首席技术官Dan Larimer,以及Block.one开发者关系负责人Serg Metelin。外部评审包括Ivan on Tech Academy创始人,数据科学家Ivan Liljeqvist,以及区块链投资基金OnChain Capital的首席执行官Ran Neu Ner,他也是CNBC“Crypto Trader(加密商人)”秀的主持人兼执行制片人。




The COVID-19 outbreak has reshaped many aspects of our lives: from the way we work, live and engage, but it has also united communities around the world with one common mission: collectively seeking innovative, useful solutions to help people and companies emerge even stronger on the other side of this pandemic.

Today marks the start of our EOSIO Virtual Hackathon: “Coding for Change”: Apply blockchain technology to address the problems and/or expected societal changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The challenge is open to participants who have an array of skills and come from countless backgrounds. Whether you’re getting started with your tech journey, learning more about blockchain, or want to test your skills—we invite all to join. The winner of the EOSIO Virtual Hackathon will receive US$100,000.

“Coding for Change” runs until June 1, 2020, and the winner will be announced on or around June 12, 2020. The judging panel will include CEO Brendan Blumer, CTO Dan Larimer and Head of Developer Relations Serg Metelin. External judges include founder of Ivan on Tech Academy data scientist Ivan Liljeqvist, and blockchain investment fund OnChain Capital CEO Ran Neu Ner, who is also the host and executive producer of CNBC’s “Crypto Trader” show.

Registration is open now. Details and rules of the challenge are available here. For additional updates and news on EOSIO hackathons, visit here


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