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Clifford Chance 合伙人 Alex Erasmus 加入 出任首席法律顾问/Clifford Chance Partner Alex Erasmus to Join as Chief Legal Officer



香港 — 2018 年 8 月 17 日 — EOSIO 区块链软件协议的发行机构,也是市值约 40 亿美元,排名前五的加密货币 EOS 代币的售卖方 今日宣布全球顶级律师事务所 Clifford Chance 的资深合伙人 Alex Erasmus 将于今年出任 首席法律顾问。

Erasmus 的主要办公地点将设在香港,以公司执行委员会的一员参与公司事务,并向 集团主席 Rob Jesudason 汇报工作。

作为首席法律顾问,Erasmus 将监管 集团全球所有法律、法规及合规活动。

“区块链技术的管理大环境继续正向演进,” Jesudason 讲道:“作为这一领域的领军人物, 希望能一直处于发展的前沿。 Alex 在为受监管企业提供公司、资本和合规等事项的咨询工作上有着丰富的经验。我们期待他的加入。”

“从法律、法规的角度看,这是技术领域一个令人着迷的时期,区块链是一个变化极其快速的领域,”Erasmus 补充道:“ 是区块链领域的领军者,旗下 EOSIO 软件正以极快的速度催动区块链的使用。我期盼着帮助公司与市场一起成长。”

作为全球公司金融专家(包括公司管理、公开和私人并购、重组、管理及商业活动),Erasmus 离开了伦敦 Clifford Chance 加入,在 Clifford Chance,他领导公司金融机构部,为多家全球顶级银行、保险公司和资产管理公司服务。

1998 年 Erasmus 在南非获得资质,于 2001 年加入 Clifford Chance,并于 2007 年成为合伙人。他在英格兰和威尔士获得了事务律师资质,并在南非共和国获得了辩护律师资质。


HONG KONG — 17 August 2018 —, publisher of the EOSIO blockchain software protocol and seller of the EOS Token, a top-five cryptocurrency by market cap at approximately US$4 billion, announced today that Alex Erasmus, a senior partner at leading international law firm Clifford Chance, will join the company as Chief Legal Officer later this year.

Erasmus will be based in Hong Kong, where he will serve as a member of the company’s Executive Committee. He will report to Group President Rob Jesudason.

In the role, Erasmus will oversee all’s group global legal, regulatory and compliance activities.

“The regulatory landscape around blockchain technology continues to evolve positively,” said Jesudason. “As a leader in the field, wants to remain at the forefront of these developments. Alex has extensive experience in advising regulated companies on corporate, capital and compliance matters. We look forward to him joining”

“It’s a fascinating time in technology from a legal and regulatory point of view, and blockchain is a particularly dynamic industry,” Erasmus added. “ is a world leader in blockchain and its EOSIO software is driving adoption at a rapid rate. I’m looking forward to helping the company grow with the market.”

A specialist in global corporate finance, including corporate governance, public and private M&A, restructuring, regulatory and commercial work, Erasmus joins from Clifford Chance in London, where he heads the financial institutions group and acts for several of the world’s leading banks, insurers and asset managers.

Erasmus qualified in South Africa in 1998, before joining Clifford Chance in 2001 and becoming a partner in 2007. He is admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales and as an attorney in the Republic of South Africa.

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