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Verisart获得250万美元的融资用以扩展艺术品和藏品电子证书业务/Art on blockchain pioneer Verisart raises $2.5M for art and collectibles certification




但今天,Verisart有了变化:它获得了价值250万美元的种子轮融资,这次融资由Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund牵头。后续它还获得了投资人Sinai Ventures 和Rhodium的追加投资。这笔融资将用来扩展Verisart的商业认证平台并在艺术世界进一步扩张。

联合创始人和CEO  Robert Norton说:“获得这笔资金之后,我们能够扩大业务、还可以增加伙伴关系的整合。艺术世界很快就意识到区块链为来源和记录提供了一个新标准,我们也期待着能把这些服务扩展到行业中。”

总值达3.25亿美元的Galaxy EOS VC Fund是关注区块链的商业银行Galaxy Digital和区块链协议EOSIO发布者Block.one合伙建立的风投基金。

这笔钱会用来扩展产品和工程团队,并启动一系列针对艺术家、美术馆和收藏家的星级服务。该公司最近刚刚任命奢侈品网上租赁平台Borro的前CTO和联合创始人,Paul Duncan,带领工程团队。

2015年,Verisart成为第一个把区块链技术应用在真实的艺术和藏品市场的公司。它还和世界顶级的艺术家,如艾未未和Shepard Fairey,合作,为他们的艺术作品做电子认证。2018年,Verisart在欧洲科技初创企业奖The Europas中获得“最热门区块链DApp”奖。


其它选手也在进入这个艺术品区块链市场。Codex Protocol 这个初创企业也把艺术品放到区块链上。


A lot of talk has been made about verifying valuable items on an immutable blockchain, but the main pioneer in this space has been Verisart, which appeared a few years ago to use a blockchain to create certification for the fine art and collectibles market. But despite the blockchain hype of the last few years, Verisart  eschewed the fundraising bonanza, preferring instead to perfect its model and build partnerships.

That changes today with the news that it has raised $2.5 million in seed financing in a round led by Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund. Further investment has come from existing investors Sinai Ventures and Rhodium. The funding will be used to expand Verisart’s commercial platform for authentication and further expand in the art world.

Co-founder and CEO Robert Norton commented: “With this new round of funding, we’re able to scale our business and ramp up our partnership integrations. The art world is quickly realizing that blockchain provides a new standard in provenance and record-keeping and we’re looking forward to extending these services to the industry.”

The $325 million Galaxy EOS VC Fund is a partnership between Galaxy Digital,  a blockchain-focused merchant bank, and, the publisher of EOSIO, the blockchain protocol.

The funding will go toward extending the product and engineering team and launching a suite of premium services aimed at artists, galleries and collectors. The company recently appointed Paul Duncan, formerly the founding CTO of Borro, the online lending platform for luxury assets, to lead the engineering team.

In 2015, Verisart was the first company to apply blockchain technology to the physical art and collectibles market. It’s also working with some of the world’s best-known artists, including Ai Weiwei and Shepard Fairey to certify their works of art. In 2018, Verisart won the “Hottest Blockchain DApp” award at The Europas, the European tech startup awards.

It’s also been the first blockchain certification provider on Shopify  to offer digital certification for limited editions, artworks and collectibles.

Other players are now entering this growing blockchain-for-art market. Codex Protocol is a new startup also putting art on the blockchain.

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