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Upland—2020和未来/ Upland: 2020 and beyond!




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🗺 路线图

不多说废话,我们想跟您呈现……接下来一年我们的官方路线图!🦸🏻‍♂ ️标题是《U2020: 大规模参与的路线图》,这份文件是我们原本白皮书的一个延伸。这个文件中,你能找到一直在问的各种问题的答案。


🗺 烈焰和畅饮

所有细节都在主文件《U2020: 大规模参与的路线图》中等着你,你还要知道我们也会给接下来每个版本制定不同的名称。所以仔细找找我们今年第一个版本—莫吉托—会给大家带来怎样的功能吧🍹。


Upland 团队


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Welcome back, Uplanders.Before we dive in today, we want to send a huge shout out to our amazing community of current players: you early adopters who have been enjoying our game in the open beta, making feature suggestions, reporting bugs, and in general just having a great time. You’ve all been fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for a better core community — thanks for your support!

If you’re reading this and haven’t joined us yet, hop on over to our Telegram group and get in on the fun. And if you haven’t yet experienced the joy of property trading, check out the articles at the bottom of this post, then find us at your nearest app store or mobile web browser:

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🗺 Roadmap

Without further ado, we are excited to present you with… our official roadmap for the coming year!🦸🏻‍♂ ️Titled U2020: A Roadmap for Mass Adoption, this document serves as an extension to our original whitepaper. In it, you’ll find all the juicy information you’ve been asking for.

The roadmap is organized by confidence levels, which is the best approach to go about bringing you the right features at the right times in a dynamic environment. You’ll find loads of new features and content that are color-coded, each rated by the probability of it being delivered in 2020: 🟢 green means that we are extremely confident, 🟡 yellow means there is a significant chance and 🟠 orange means there is a slight chance that you will get those features this year.

🗺 Llamas and Tasty Drinks

All the finer details are waiting for you in the main document, U2020 Roadmap, and you should also know we’ll be naming each of our releases from now on. So stay tuned to find out which of the features will already be available in the first release of the year — Mojito 🍹.

To life, liberty and property!

Upland Team

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