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EarnBet.io成长骇客生态在12个月的时间里向BET代币持有人发放了400万美金/ Growth-Hacks Ecosystem, Distributes $4 million to BET Token Holders in 12 Months







BET代币是其发展中重要的一步,它是获得平台利润的唯一方式,因此对于EarnBet生态来说至关重要。平台刚上线的时候,用户只能通过推广获得BET,但最近该代币已经在Binance DEX 和 Newdex上线,更好地接入了更大的加密货币生态。


平台先前只能使用少数加密货币下注,但是现在,为了扩大其运营,平台可以接受BTC, BCH, LTH和ETH下注,这样对基于爱好者的加密货币持有人来说,它就成为一个包容的平台。同时,所有存取款都是即时发生的,平台还提供了一个非常简单的上手步骤。从2018年到目前为止,平台记录了超过27,000,000笔投注,总计向赢家支付了超过377,000,000美元的奖金。







Decentralized applications (Dapps) have enriched the cryptocurrency industry as they account for more than 1 billion transactions within the past year, bringing up a value of about 10 billion dollars. The gambling market happens to be a foremost sector in this valuation and (now EarnBet) has played a growth-role in the decentralized betting industry, with its performance resulting in it being able to distribute more than USD 4 million to its token holders in the first year of operation.


EarnBet is a Dapp casino launched in March 2018 on the EOS blockchain with a proprietary provably fair algorithm that continues to attract players across the globe to play and share in the gaming profits earned by the platform. During the first month of its launch, it topped all other Dapps on the EOS blockchain, while outranking the entire Bitcoin network and every Ethereum Dapp in transaction volume.

Since its launch, every step of its development has been geared towards providing an unrivaled user experience that leveraged on its easy-to-use interface and industry-leading house edge, allowing holders of its native BET token earn a full 100% of game profits.

The BET token has been instrumental to its development goals, being the only way to share in the profits of the platform, and as such remains important to EarnBet’s ecosystem. During the early days of the platform’s launch, users could only earn BET through promotions; however, the BET token was recently listed on Binance DEX and Newdex. This increased its exposure to the larger cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Earlier, the platform only allowed for bets placed with limited crypto choices, but now, as a way of scaling its operations, the platform now allows bets in BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH, thereby making it an inclusive platform for fan-based cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Meanwhile, all deposits and withdrawals occur instantly, and the platform offers an extremely easy on-boarding process. So far, it has recorded more than 27,000,000 bets since 2018 and has paid out over $377,000,000 to its winning bettors.

The EarnBet platform being a decentralized application has some unique features such as a decentralized accounting system that allows users to sign up and start betting without the hurdle of setting up wallets. It also does away with transaction fees when sending funds between wallets. More so, the decentralized wallet system ensures that the user is in control of their funds at any point in time. With a few clicks, a new user can begin betting and earning rewards making it one of the easiest betting platforms out there.


EarnBet strives to be the number one cryptocurrency betting Dapp, and part of its plans include featuring new exciting games before the year ends. As well, it plans to expand its revenue source by creating more utility for the BET token – which in turn will increase the value of the token. It also included an affiliate page where its users can keep track of their referral payouts.

With all the developments past and upcoming, EarnBet is well-positioned in the industry to make huge strides in the adoption of cryptocurrency gambling. The project currently has an ongoing campaign to allow new users to receive 50 BET tokens for free upon signing up on the platform.

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