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Block.one聘请Christina Pantin担任亚太公关部主管/ Hires Christina Pantin As Asia-Pacific Comms Head

Block.one聘请Christina Pantin担任亚太通讯部负责人


香港讯—区块链公司Block.one聘请Christina Pantin担任亚太公关部主管。

Pantin曾经在Abernathy MacGregor和三星担任过高管,后来她在美国成立了自己的咨询公司,现在她从美国回到香港。2012年到2014年,她在宾士域集团的香港分部担任过总监。

年初首席市场官Sheel Kohli离职,Pantin随后就任。Pantin的直接上级是Abby Blumer,今年五月,Blumer被提升为营销和公关高级副总裁。



HONG KONG — Blockchain player has hired Christina Pantin as Asia-Pacific head of communications.

Pantin returns to Hong Kong from the US, where she led her own consultancy after holding senior roles at Abernathy MacGregor and Samsung. She previously served as a director at Brunswick in Hong Kong from 2012 to 2014.

Her arrival at follows the departure of CMO Sheel Kohli earlier this year. Pantin reports to Abby Blumer, who was promoted to SVP of marketing and communications in May.

Pantin’s PR career follows 25 years as a financial journalist at Thomson Reuters in various locations across the globe. A native of Malaysia, Pantin is also active in women’s professional groups and was a mentor at The Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong and President of the Women Media Networks. is the publisher of the EOSIO blockchain software protocol. The EOS Token is a top-five cryptocurrency. The company has expanded its senior headcount significantly in recent months. 

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