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为制造业与客户和供应商提供联系的区块链解决方案提供商Arxum获得了FinLab EOS风投基金七位欧元的注资/ARXUM, a global provider of blockchain solutions for connecting the manufacturing industry with customers and suppliers, obtains a seven-digit Euro investment from FinLab EOS VC


凯撒斯劳滕/法兰克福,德国,2019年7月1日讯—为制造业与客户和供应商提供联系的区块链解决方案提供商Arxum GmbH获得了FinLab EOS 风投基金数百万欧元的注资。FinLab EOS风投基金是区块链协议EOSIO的发布者Block.one和FinLab AG共同支持的风投基金,后者是世界最大的金融服务技术的公司创立者和投资者。FinLab EOS风投基金在各行各业都有投资,其投资对象是应用EOSIO区块链技术带来价值的项目。

凯撒斯劳滕/法兰克福,德国,2019年7月1日讯—为制造业与客户和供应商提供联系的区块链解决方案提供商Arxum GmbH获得了FinLab EOS 风投基金数百万欧元的注资。FinLab EOS风投基金是区块链协议EOSIO的发布者Block.one和FinLab AG共同支持的风投基金,后者是世界最大的金融服务技术的公司创立者和投资者。FinLab EOS风投基金在各行各业都有投资,其投资对象是应用EOSIO区块链技术带来价值的项目。

Arxum是最早成功在工业和制造业上应用第三代分布式账本(DLT)的领先企业之一。“FinLab能够选择Arxum进行大规模投资让我们觉得很自豪,”Arxum的联合创始人和CEO Markus”Jostock博士说。“我们迫不及待想为制造业进一步提供创新的商业解决方案,加入FinLab的EOSIO合伙人网络。”这笔投资将会用来进一步推进研发活动来扩大工具和应用生态系统,把企业和他们的内部IT系统和Arxum产品协议联系到一起。该公司使用EOSIO区块链带来安全和自动化的数据交易、工业客户和供应商之间的企业信息转移。Arxum是最早在商业用例中使用DLT的项目之一。尤其值得注意的是,该公司有技术直接把生产技术联系到基于DLT的智能合约中,给机器对机器通讯带来了前所未有的安全性,也把基于物联网(loT)的商业模式自动化推向了新的高度。

 “工业4.0时代中,新的商业模式是由制造商、顾客和供应商的数字互联带来的。第三代的区块链技术,如Arxum的生产协议使用的EOSIO,能够解决很多该背景下产生的问题。跟踪和追踪、代币化和数字交易的安全管理只是Arxum的技术可以给工业解决方案带来的一小部分应用而已,”瑞欧盈管理咨询公司的董事会成员Hans-Georg Schreibe说,该公司是专注工业4.0解决方案的顶尖咨询公司。

“Arxum的技术和对工业解决方案的执着是FinLab的评判标准之一,我们相信,Arxum有能力颠覆工业企业交互的过程,我们支持他们把EOSIO协议作为有效、先进的数据表换标准。”FinLab EOS风投基金总经理Juan Rodriguez说。

关于 Arxum:


关于EOS VC风投

Block.one的EOS VC风投项目给开发者和创业者提供他们所需的资金来创建社区导向的经济服务,从而推动EOSIO发展。它通过风投合作伙伴基金提供支持,其主要目标是通过大量投资建立在EOSIO软件上的不同区块链公司促成EOSIO生态系统的广泛应用。

EOS VC项目希望能够通过我们的投资项目把各个领域的个体联系成全球的网络。EOS VC认为和区块链开发者社区的互动是我们的使命也是我们的目标,并定期付诸行动。

关于 FinLab AG:

上市公司FinLab AG(WKN 121806/ ISIN DE0001218063/ 股票代码A7A.GR)是世界上第一个,也是最大的一个公司创立者和投资者,它关注金融服务科技(”FinTech”)领域。FinLab关注开发德国的金融科技创业公司、为他们的金融需求提供风投,而每个投资案例中,其目标都是对于该投资的长期参与度和持续支持。FinLab在全球范围内也有投资,一般是在FinTech公司的风投轮注资,其主要注资的区域是美国和亚洲。


Arxum GmbH,, 电话: +49 631 5600-3037,


Kaiserslautern/Frankfurt, Germany, July 1st, 2019 – Arxum GmbH, a provider of blockchain solutions for connecting the manufacturing industry with customers and suppliers, has raised a seven-digit Euro financing from FinLab EOS VC Fund, a venture capital fund backed by both, the publisher of the blockchain protocol EOSIO, and FinLab AG, one of Europe’s largest company builders and investors focused on financial services technologies. The FinLab EOS VC Fund invests across sectors and is aimed at projects delivering value through the application of the EOSIO blockchain technology.

Arxum is among the first and leading companies to successfully apply third-generation distributed ledger technology (DLT) in an industrial and manufacturing context. “We are proud that FinLab has selected Arxum for a substantial investment,” says Dr. Markus Jostock, Co-Founder and CEO of Arxum, “and we are eager to further grow our innovative business solution for the manufacturing industry and to join FinLab’s EOSIO partner network”. The funds will be used for further development activities in order to enlarge the ecosystem of tools and applications connecting companies and their corporate IT systems to the Arxum Production Protocol. The company is using the EOSIO blockchain to facilitate secure and automated data exchange as well as business information transfer between industrial customers and suppliers. Arxum is one of the first projects to apply DLT for industrial use-cases. Particularly, the company has the technology to directly connect production machines to DLT-based smart contracts, and thus provides unprecedented security in Machine-to-Machine communication and new levers for IoT-based business process automation.

“New business models of Industry 4.0 are fostered by the digital interconnection of manufacturers, customers and suppliers. Third generation blockchain technology like EOSIO used by Arxum’s production protocol has the potential to solve many of the problems that arise in this context. Track & trace, tokenizing and secure managed data transfer are only a few of the applications for which Arxum’s technology can provide an industrial business solution”, says Hans-Georg Schreibe, member of the management board at ROI Management Consulting, a leading corporate consultancy specialized on Industry 4.0 solutions.

“Arxum’s technology and the strong industrial business focus of the solution was one of FinLab’s decision criteria. We are convinced that Arxum has the potential to disrupt industrial business interaction and we support them in establishing the EOSIO protocol as an effective state-of-the-art data exchange standard”, explains Juan Rodriguez, Managing Director of FinLab EOS VC Fund.

About Arxum:

Arxum offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service for automated and robotized inter-company data exchange in the global manufacturing industry. The company provides its business solution on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service basis for a wide range of industry sectors. The Arxum Production Protocol interconnects companies down to the machine level across company borders with an automated business logic execution. Distributed Ledger Technology provides a cryptographically secured data exchange outside of corporate IT systems. Arxum’s main customers are e.g. in the automotive sector, waste recycling industries and others. Arxum is based in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

About EOS VC:’s EOS VC program offers developers and entrepreneurs the funding they need to create community-driven businesses leveraging EOSIO. It provides support through venture capital partnership funds that primarily aim to achieve sustained utilization of the EOSIO ecosystem by investing in a concentrated and diversified portfolio of blockchain-focused companies building on the EOSIO software.

The EOS VC initiative is dedicated to fostering a global network of individuals from a number of disciplines through our engagement events. As part of the mission and vision, EOS VC engages with the blockchain developer community on a regular basis.

About FinLab AG:

Stock market listed company FinLab AG (WKN 121806 / ISIN DE0001218063 / ticker symbol: A7A.GR) is one of the first and largest company builders and investors focused on the Financial Services Technologies (“FinTech”) sector. FinLab focuses on developing German FinTech startups and providing venture capital for their financial needs, whereby in each case the aim is a long-term participation and ongoing support of the investment. FinLab also invests globally, as part of venture rounds, in FinTech companies, primarily in the USA and Asia.


Arxum GmbH,, Tel: +49 631 5600-3037,

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