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Mythical Games创建Mythos基金会,去中心化Web3游戏/Mythical Games Creates Mythos Foundation to Decentralize Web3 Gaming



这家游戏技术公司也在推广自己的Mythos DAO生态$MYTH治理代币

CDCROP: Video game controller. (Martínez/Unsplash)

游戏科技公司Mythical Games在去中心化Web3游戏上又往前迈了一大步,它也同时欢迎传统玩家和平台。

这款流行的多人游戏的开发公司Blankos Block Party周三宣布,它正在创建Mythos基金会,支持和欢迎新玩家和开发者来到自己的生态。这个新的基金会包含来自区块链、游戏和娱乐行业的专家团队,甚至还包括Animoca Brands的主席萧逸、Polygon工作室主席Ryan Wyatt、100 Thieves的首席产品官Pete Hawley等人。

Mythos基金会首先关注五个发展的重要领域,包括跨链基础架构、非同质化代币(NFT)和游戏经济的发展、支持游戏公会、推动传统电子竞技参与Web3并和传统游戏平台合作、为玩家制定新政策。它还会运营Mythos DAO,这是公司刚成立的去中心化自治组织,它能让玩家能够在生态发展中有发言权。


Mythical让平台去中心化这一举动符合其产品的Web3理念。其CEO,也是游戏业行家,John Linden对CoinDesk说,不管是从创建NFT游戏还是从通过后端平台支持开发者的角度来说,公司想要发展到区块链游戏行业,最好的方法就是通过DAO。


它补充说,第一个提议还包括要把DAO分成三个亚社区,分别关注游戏开发者、电子竞技和工会、Web3和元宇宙。游戏开发公司育碧、电竞战队FaZe Clan、风投公司Animoca brands将会在这些领域治理DAO。这些亚社区的成员将通过Mythos DAO、由新近发行的治理代币$MYTH的持有人选举出来。$MYTH是ERC-20代币,目前总供应量有10亿。


除了利用这个EVM兼容的治理代币,Mythical Games 也在寻找其他方式让其产品能够在以太坊上运行。上个月,Linden在CoinDesk TV上说,公司正在构建一个原生Mythical Chain以外的、兼容以太坊的区块链。目前,原生的Mythical Chain是在EOS.IO区块链的分叉上运行的。


The gaming technology company is also expanding its ecosystem with the Mythos DAO and the $MYTH governance token.

CDCROP: Video game controller. (Martínez/Unsplash)
Video game controller (Martínez/Unsplash)

Gaming technology company Mythical Games is taking further strides to decentralize Web3 gaming and welcome traditional users and platforms.

The company behind the popular multiplayer game Blankos Block Party announced on Wednesday that it’s creating The Mythos Foundation to onboard and support new gamers and developers in its ecosystem. The new foundation includes a group of advisors from across the blockchain, gaming and entertainment industries, and includes Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu, Polygon Studios president Ryan Wyatt, 100 Thieves’ chief product officer Pete Hawley and others.

The Mythos Foundation will initially focus on five key areas of development, including cross-chain infrastructure, the evolution of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and game economies, support for gaming guilds, growing traditional esports participation in Web3 and collaborating with traditional gaming platforms to craft new policies for gamers at large. It will also manage the operations of the Mythos DAO, a newly formed decentralized autonomous organization that will provide its players with a voice in its ecosystem development.

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Mythical’s move to decentralize its platform aligns with the Web3 ethos it has put into its products. From creating NFT games to supporting developers through its backend platform, CEO and gaming veteran John Linden told CoinDesk that its mission to expand blockchain gaming is best accomplished through a DAO.

“We want to understand how we can use this technology to really improve our businesses…we started thinking heavily about [the foundation] and we thought it was very powerful, to really have this massive gaming alliance,” Linden told CoinDesk.

He added that the first proposal includes dividing the DAO into three subcommittees focused on game developers, esports and guilds, and Web3 and the metaverse. Within those subcommittees, groups such as game developer Ubisoft, esports group FaZe Clan, and venture capital firm Animoca brands will contribute to the governance of the DAO in those areas. Members of the subcommittees will need to be elected through the Mythos DAO by holders of its new governance token $MYTH, an ERC-20 token with a total supply of one billion.

“Groups can have different uses of the token as they see fit. But when we start building tech going into 2023, as the alliance is fully decentralized it uses that token as the primary utility token behind these new services,” said Linden.

Beyond an EVM-compatible governance token, Mythical Games has been seeking other ways to make its product operate on Ethereum. Last month, Linden said on CoinDesk TV that the company is building an Ethereum-compatible chain outside of its native Mythical Chain that operates on a fork of the EOS.IO chain.

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