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Voice启动宇航俱乐部慈善匹配项目/Announcing Voice’s New Astronaut Club Charity Matching Program — and launch partner The Suh Family Foundation




项目的第一个合作方是 Suh Family Foundation,它将和Voice合作,对数字艺术家提供4万美金的支持。Suh Family Foundation和各个社区合作,提供三个领域的资源支持,这三个领域也是Suh家族自己成功的关键:教育、健康和幸福、能力。Voice本次和基金会团队的紧密合作由基金会联合创始人Katya Suh领导,我们的目的是要为平台上的艺术家提供最好的支持。

第一批收藏的作品来自最近发布的Voice x Street Theory NFT藏品,这些都是世界顶尖街头艺术家在数字领域的试水之作。

相对论/Alice Mizrachi

“Suh Family Foundation十分关注如何让个人获得更多的力量,”基金会联合创始人Katya Suh说。“Voice致力于为多文化的艺术家提供支持,这和我们基金会的宗旨高度相似,我们希望我们的合作能够让艺术家更好地进行创作,我们期待看到这些伟大的作品。”


“如果我们能帮数字艺术家进一步把副业变成主业,我们就走在正确的道路上,”Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo说。


探索 Voice上的完整藏品.


We are proud to introduce a new program: Astronaut Club Charity Matching Program, an initiative designed for nonprofit and family foundations to support emerging artists in Web3. The program has a dedicated focus on independent artists from underrepresented and marginalized communities, with resources going directly to artists through collecting their NFTs on Voice.

The first ever partner for the program is The Suh Family Foundation, which will be working with Voice to enact a $40,000 commitment to support digital artists. The Suh Family Foundation works hand-in-hand with communities to supply resources across three pillars that were pivotal to the Suh’s own success: education, health and wellness, and empowerment. Voice has worked closely with the Foundation team, led by co-founder Katya Suh, to produce a program that provides the best support for artists on the platform.

The inaugural pieces collected will be from the newly released Voice x Street Theory NFT Collection, which was produced by some of the world’s best street artists in their foray into the digital space.

Law of Relativity by Alice Mizrachi

“The Suh Family Foundation is passionate about helping individuals on their journey to empowerment,” said Katya Suh, co-founder of The Suh Family Foundation. “Our work with the Foundation aligns so closely with Voice’s dedication to supporting multicultural artists and we look forward to all the great work this partnership will empower artists to create.”

Voice has long focused on supporting emerging artists through multiple residency programs and curation efforts. This new opportunity showcases the best form of support: collecting their art enables them to continue creating.

“If we can help a digital artist get one step closer to making their side hustle their main hustle, we feel we are moving in the right direction,” said Salah Zalatimo, Voice CEO.

The art world isn’t known for its diversity. In fact, the top 18 museums in the U.S. have collections that are 87% male and 85% white. Though it’s often lauded as a great equalizer, Web3 has started to show early signs of mirroring some of the inequities of Web2. Voice is proud to make a public commitment to supporting artists from all walks of life as they enter the digital space.

Explore the full collection on Voice.

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