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Voice和Laylo合作,帮助驻站艺术家强化藏品/Voice partners with Laylo to help Residency artists amplify collections





通过本次合作,我们最近宣布的NFT筑留项目的参与者可以使用Laylo完整的受众互动工具包。本次合作让Voice 2022 筑留居民能够利用Laylo平台,向全世界展示他们的NFT展品并构建社区。




As creators explore the NFT space, one trend has emerged: the value of marketing your collection. It takes significant time and effort to properly convey the story of your art across multiple channels. Communities of any size can be split across many touch-points, whether or not you’re new to the digital art space.

At Voice, we’re committed to supporting digital artists every step of the way. We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Laylo, a messaging and CRM platform designed for drop notifications and community building. This effort is only the beginning, as we continue to explore ways to make entering the NFT space more accessible.

Participants in our recently announced NFT Residency will have access to Laylo’s full suite of audience engagement tools as a part of the program. The partnership enables Voice 2022 Residents to leverage the Laylo platform to spread the word about their NFT collection and build community.

The Residency, which is dedicated to supporting creators from underrepresented and marginalized communities, focuses on the world’s most pertinent topics: equity & justice, clean planet, future-proof, and well-being.

Rolling admissions are still ongoing for all digital creators — add your information to the waitlist here.

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Voice partners with Laylo to help Residency artists amplify collections | by Emily Drewry | VoiceHQ | May, 2022 | Medium

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