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Voice的多链连接将在本月启动/Voice’s multichain connectivity launches this month






2021年末,我们开始公布从我们的区块链到EOS主网的Voice NFT交易账本。现在,我们也高兴地宣布连接到WAX,这样社区就可以把Voice上印制的NFT捆绑在AtomicHub上交易,或收藏在自我监管的钱包中。

对我们社区来说WAX是一个完美的主要连接。区块链WAX每天监督1500多万个交易,还和Topps 、 MLB, AMC Theaters, Funko, Hasbro, Deadmau5, Mattel等有NFT合作伙伴关系。把Voice NFT连接到Atomic Hub市场可以给两个社区的创造者和收藏者都带来机遇。

我们也在努力和其他权益证明区块链,如Polygon和 Solana等,合作,增加机会。



At Voice, we believe that NFT technology will change the internet by introducing verified ownership to our digital world.

We launched our Beta product on a private, centralized EOSIO blockchain in order to provide creators with unique value not currently offered by other platforms–largely minimal carbon footprint and no gas fees (free minting).

We have always said that portability and decentralization are central to the value we believe creators and their communities around the world deserve. We are rapidly heading towards a multichain future and are excited to share updates on our roadmap progress, as we make that a possibility.

In late 2021, we began publishing a ledger of Voice NFT transactions from our blockchain to the EOS mainnet. Now, we are excited to announce a connection to WAX, so our community will be able to wrap NFTs minted on Voice to trade on AtomicHub, or hold in self-custody wallets.

WAX is a perfect primary connection for our community. ​​The blockchain WAX oversees more than 15 million transactions per day and has NFT partnerships with Topps and MLB, AMC Theaters, Funko, Hasbro, Deadmau5, Mattel and more. Connecting Voice NFTs to the Atomic Hub marketplace will open up opportunities for creators and collectors from both communities.

We are working hard on additional opportunities to other Proof of Stake chains, such as Polygon, Solana, and more.

A more tangible, digital future is not so far away. By unlocking verified ownership, tremendous value that has up until now been captured and retained by the digital landowners aka ‘platforms’ will be returned to creators and communities.

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