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EOSIO 2.2发行候选版:功能概要/EOSIO 2.2 Release Candidate: Feature Summary



我们很高兴能向大家介绍EOSIO 2.2发行候选版,这个版本支持开发者和行业的现有需求。新功能的设计宗旨是解决组合性、节约时间、给应用开发者更多的资源管理选择、对私人网络的数据访问权限进行更精细化的管理。

EOSIO 2.2发行候选版



区块链开发者经常需要把状态数据提供给外部进程使用。在本版本之前,通过get_tables API访问仅限于直接存储在DB或KV表中的数据,但这个机制要求高、效率低。



  • 让开发者利用来自相同块高度的表数本地执行复杂的跨表查询。
  • 让开发者能够在智能合约中有逻辑地使用耦合读写代码,简化代码管理。
  • 让开发者在交易发送之前先了解交易会产生的后果。










我们鼓励开发者测试EOSIO 2.2发行候选版的其它功能,并向我们提供反馈。如果您想给EOSIO 2.2发行候选版提供反馈、和我们的团队更紧密地合作,为开发者改进EOSIO,你可以在block.one和我们的开发者关系小组联系。


We are excited to introduce the EOSIO 2.2 release candidate, that supports the ongoing needs of developers and industries alike. The new features are designed to address composability and save time, offer application developers a wider range of resource management options, and provide more finely tuned control over data access privileges for private networks.

EOSIO 2.2 Release Candidate

The聽EOSIO 2.2 release candidate聽reflects input from the EOSIO community. It comprises three separate features, each specifically focused on developer usability, resource management, and greater control over data access.

Read-Only Queries

Blockchain developers must often make state data available to external processes. Prior to this release, access was limited to data directly stored in the DB or KV tables via the get_tables API, a mechanism which is exacting and inefficient.

Developers can now use this native feature to make data accessible to external processes, and utilize a new mechanism that supports more complex queries.

Read-Only Queries will:

  • Enable developers to perform complex cross-table queries natively with table data from the same block height.
  • Allow developers to logically couple the read and write code in their smart contract and simplify code management.聽
  • Give developers insight regarding the consequences of a transaction before it is sent.

Resource Payer

Application end-users currently pay the costs for transacting on EOSIO public networks, making it difficult for application developers to onboard new users. The existing workaround, ONLY_BILL_FIRST_AUTHORIZER, complicates the experience for both developers and end users.

It is our desire to make it easier for developers building applications on EOSIO-based public networks to reach a wider audience. We believe providing developers an easier means to pay user transaction costs will offer a significant advantage to those growing communities on EOSIO. This feature provides a simple, secure way for EOSIO smart contract developers to designate a resource provider, set resource limits for a transaction, and enable users to transact without having to pay for resource costs.

Network Access Control

There is a demonstrable necessity for a widely supported data privacy solution for industries seeking to integrate with blockchain-based infrastructures. To better understand how to best architect a data privacy solution on EOSIO, we launched the EOSIO Data Privacy Working Group, the objective of which is to research, propose, and innovate blockchain-based privacy solutions.

We are iteratively developing solutions, and the Network Access Control feature represents the initial steps toward addressing a core use case identified by the data privacy working group. The feature allows blockchain administrators to form privacy groups and ensure that only authorized parties can join the network or access data. It is designed to reduce any metadata leaks while maintaining the immutability of records.

System architects can use this feature to add or revoke access via modifications to a privileged smart contract, and all connections from privacy group members are encrypted using TLS to follow best practices in protecting sensitive information.

We will continue to invest in features that make our platform more accessible, usable, and that make it easier for everyone from independent developers and startups to established organizations to build on EOSIO.

Stay Connected

We encourage developers to test the additional features in the EOSIO 2.2 release candidate, and provide us with feedback. If you would like to offer feedback on the release candidate of EOSIO 2.2 and work more closely with our team to improve EOSIO for developers, you can contact our developer relations team at developers[at]

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