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Voice宣布对内容创作新人推出Voice NFT筑留项目/Announcing Voice’s NFT Residency for emerging creators



我们会继续实现我们的使命,让创作者获得更大的力量,同时,我们也和文艺圈的领袖—包括Kimberly Drew, Alexander Gilkes, Misan Harriman, Brittany Kaiser, Chad Knight 和 Azu Nwagbogu —共同启动NFT筑留项目。


Salah Zalatimo, Voice CEO

“1,000个真粉”这个概念最早是在2008年由作家、《连线杂志》第一任执行总编Kevin Kelly提出的。



“我们处于历史的转折点,所有权和著作权都在发生变化。”Voice 工程高级副总裁William Anderson说。


NFT筑留项目的主题是Raise Our Voice,它会集体创造和铸造NFT,鼓励新人创作,表达自我。


这其中就包括Kimberly Drew。她是作家、策展人、活动家,她的作品This Is What I Know About Art 以及她和Jenna Wortham合编的Black Futures都是全球畅销书。


其他NFT筑留策展人还包括Paddle8和Squared Circles 的联合创始人Alexander Gilkes;摄影师、创意总监和文化解说员Misan Harriman;数据保护专家Brittany Kaiser;3D Instagram艺术家和耐克3D设计负责人Chad Knight;非洲艺术家协会创始人和总监Azu Nwagbogu



Continuing with our mission to empower creatives, we are partnering with leaders in arts and culture — including Kimberly Drew, Alexander Gilkes, Misan Harriman, Brittany Kaiser, Chad Knight and Azu Nwagbogu — to launch an NFT Residency.

“NFTs help us fulfill the promise of the internet, where every creator can find their 1,000 true fans.”

Salah Zalatimo, CEO of Voice

The concept of 1,000 True Fans was first published in 2008 by writer and founding executive editor of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly. 

According to Kelly, “A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.” 

Why? A true fan will buy anything you produce.

Through this residency, we connect creators with their true fans, bringing established voices and emerging creators together to collectively create and connect.

“We live at a pivotal point in history for what ownership and authorship mean,” says William Anderson, VP of Engineering at Voice.  

“I’ve spent my life both collecting and creating, collaborating with other artists, and experimenting. Our residency brings emerging artists into that fold partnering them with internal technologists to leverage our shared experience and create digital collectables, deep in thought and practice.”

The NFT Residency will collectively create and mint NFTs with the theme ‘Raise Our Voice,’ reflecting the power of NFTs to lift up emerging creators to create works of self-expression.

“We are proud to be working with these brilliant creative minds who share our passion for empowering the broader creative class. By combining our technology with their talents, we can better fulfill our mission of helping emerging creators get discovered,” says Zalatimo.

One of these creative minds is Kimberly Drew. A writer, curator, and activist, she is the author of international bestseller This Is What I Know About Art and Black Futures, which she co-edited with Jenna Wortham.

“I am so honored to be able to dedicate this summer to learning more about NFTS alongside an incredible and diverse team of artists, technologists and curators,” says Drew.

Other NFT Residency Curators include co-founder of Paddle8 and Squared Circles Alexander Gilkes, photographer, creative director and cultural commentator Misan Harriman, data protection expert Brittany Kaiser, 3D Instagram artist and head of 3D Design at Nike Chad Knight, and founder and director of African Artists’ Foundation Azu Nwagbogu.

Each Curator will bring on a group of artists to collaboratively create and mint. The first series of NFTs will drop as part of Voice’s public launch later this summer.

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