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eosfinex和pNetwork合作在EOS区块链上推出15种以上的资产/eosfinex and pNetwork Collaborate To Launch 15+ Assets on the EOS Blockchain



今天我们高兴地宣布,我们和pNetwork推出额外15种以上的ERC20代币,继续把以太坊的流动性带到EOS DeFi中。

现在eosfinex可以交易的ERC20代币包括pPNT,pLINK,pMKR,pYFI,本次之后还将包括pUNI,pBAND,pBAL,pCOMP,pSNX,pOMG,pDAI,pANT,pLRC,pUOS,pREP,pBAT,pZRX和pPNK。这些代币将在12月捆绑推出,12月10日开始可以交易pUNI, pBAND,pBAL,pCOMP,和 pSNX,12月15日开始可以交易pOMG,pDAI,pANT,和pLRC,12月22日开始可以交易pUOS,pREP,pBAT,pZRX,和pPNK。



为EOS带来主要加密货币之后,我们可以支持EOS DeFi dApp的发展和壮大,比如借/贷、流动性挖矿、衍生物等。

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We’re excited to announce today the continuation of our work with pNetwork to bring Ethereum liquidity to EOS DeFi with the listing of an additional 15+ ERC20 tokens. 

This will expand the list of ERC20 tokens that are available for trading through eosfinex to include pUNI, pBAND, pBAL, pCOMP, pSNX, pOMG, pDAI, pANT, pLRC, pUOS, pREP, pBAT, pZRX, and pPNK, in additional to pPNT, pLINK, pMKR, pYFI which are already live. These tokens will be released in bundles throughout the month of December with trading starting on December 10th for pUNI, pBAND, pBAL, pCOMP, and pSNX December 15th for pOMG, pDAI, pANT, and pLRC, and December 22nd for pUOS, pREP, pBAT, pZRX, and pPNK. 

pToken’s bridges enable major cryptocurrencies to be tokenized and moved on to the EOS blockchain helping to power DeFi protocols with access to the liquidity of a greater range of cryptocurrencies. 

Cross-chain interoperability is a fundamental hurdle for the wider adoption of blockchain technologies. EOS and EOS-based organizations must deliver solutions to meet this challenge and strengthen the blockchain’s claim as the most performant, reliable, and cost-effective smart contract platform. The best way to do this is to support the next wave of DeFi innovation. We believe pTokens tokenized assets on EOS is a concrete step in this direction.

By bringing major cryptocurrencies to EOS, we can support the growth and development of EOS-powered DeFi dApps, such as lending/borrowing, liquidity mining, derivatives and more. 

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