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Bitfinex加速EOS游戏集成Wombat钱包/Bitfinex steps up EOS game integrating Wombat wallet






“加速发展DiFi是一个重要的里程碑,”Spielworks的创始人和CEO Adrian Krion说,“给空间带来流动性对其长远目标是非常重要的,尤其是涉及寻找在EOS区块链上应用比特币的新方法的时候。”

“我们很高兴能集成Wombat。”eosfinex的产品和企业战略总监Steven Quinn说,“Wombat有一个强大的社区,它为新用户提供免费的EOS账号,简化了EOS空间的使用。我们很高兴能给Wombat社区提供eosfinex的流动性。”



Spielworks, a leading blockchain startup, has integrated the Wombat wallet with eosfinex, a high performance, non-custodial digital asset exchange and portfolio management solution built on EOSIO technology.

As decentralized finance (DeFi) grows, the need to exchange value from one form to another grows with it, and multiple liquidity providers have stepped up to service this surging need. This surge requires embracing the best principles of DeFi, such as optimizing liquidity, is now absolutely paramount in effective token trading. With a focus on decentralization and low latency, eosfinex is furthering the abilities of peer-to-peer value exchange, as well as facilitating high-volume trading on the EOS blockchain. The infrastructure of EOS is quickly maturing, but developers still require a further diversity of options. Decentralization is the name of the game, but centralization of options for budding users on DeFi platforms is needed in order to optimize EOS liquidity.

Wombat and eosfinex are joining forces to bridge the gap by implementing facilities to aid the liquidity of EOS, as well as tokens like pBTC, which resemble Bitcoin on the EOS blockchain . The integration stands to provide liquidity for both communities, and with eosfinex serving as a non-custodial platform, users retain full control over their digital assets. The integration of these multi-platform options and dynamic incentives helps to create unique value chains for users in the DeFi landscape, which in turn will become more diversified as a result.

“To kick-start the cultivation of DeFi is an important milestone,“ said Adrian Krion, Founder and CEO of Spielworks. ”Since bringing liquidity to the landscape is absolutely crucial for it’s long-term ambitions, especially when it comes to trailblazing adoption of Bitcoin on the EOS blockchain.”

“We’re very pleased to have integrated Wombat”, said Steven Quinn, Head of Product & Business Strategy at eosfinex. “Wombat has a strong community and has trail-blazed ease-of-use in the EOS space by providing free EOS accounts to new users. We’re excited to offer eosfinex’s liquidity to the Wombat community.”

Since its mainnet launch in October, eosfinex’s updated architecture and access to Bitfinex’s liquidity has made it a reliable and seamless non-custodial method of trading on EOS, representing a key milestone on the way to solving the issue of illiquidity in non-custodial cross-chain digital asset trading. The Wombat wallet, which provides users with free EOS and Telos accounts, serves as a gateway to blockchain-based gaming, allowing users to find, play, and interact with blockchain applications (dApps) and games available on EOS and Telos. Wombat offers free and fast account creation, automatic key backup, and free blockchain resources, enabling everyday users to start trading on eosfinex seamlessly. 

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