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After discussions with the team and community members, we have the following opinions on the new Rental Market proposed by Block.One:

1. The model proposed by Block.One can effectively increase user participation and resource utilization rate. But however, what might be encountered is that the APR of the revenue of the tokens of the Rental Market is still relatively low (compared to the current average APR in cryptocurrency industry), and the increase in user participation might be limited.

2. For dApp developers, they can obtain resources at a much lower price and do not need to make any changes to the code of existing dApps.

3. We believe that a payment based resource model based on Gas fees should be gradually introduce to EOS and at the same time retaining the staking based resource model. For end users, the concept of CPU/NET/RAM is too complicated to understand. We can achieve mass adoption and lowering user education costs at the same time If we can have two resource models.

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