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我们在一起:全生态携手,让每个人都能获得区块链服务/Standing Together: Collaborating Across the Ecosystem to Make Blockchain Work for Everyone



EOSIO创建了一个社区,其核心思想是开发人员第一,我们建立了一个平台,让开发人员能由各种工具突破行业的界限、在行业内实现创新,这就是EOSIO的核心。所以,我们才要不断推进各种项目,如EOSIO Challenge,其目的都是在整个生态中引燃激情、提出创新的问题解决方法。



EOSIO Challenge现在开放申请,第一轮评审将在5月底进行。获得更多申请资格要求和更多细节,请参考官方规则,加入我们为每个人建设区块链。

Dan Larimer


During these challenging times, we’ve been in awe of the perseverance and creativity pouring out of developers even as they do their part to keep themselves and those around them safe. The developer community has demonstrated how it’s possible to leverage blockchain across diverse industries, governments and nonprofits.

At the core of EOSIO, we’ve created a community that fosters an ethos where developers come first by building a platform that gives them the tools needed to push limits and innovate within the industry. That’s why we continue to promote initiatives like the EOSIO Challenge that stir passion and foster creative problem solving across the ecosystem. 

EOSIO was built for developers and continues to be the fastest and most secure platform today, but we’re only just getting started.

We’re scaling EOSIO to be just as powerful and easy to develop for as traditional insecure systems, and inter-blockchain communication is the next step—and we want EOSIO veterans and newcomers alike to join us in solving this challenge.

The EOSIO Challenge is currently open, with the first round of judging kicking off at the end of May. For eligibility requirements and additional details, check out the official rules and join us to build blockchain for everyone.

Dan Larimer

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