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Block.one宣布公共区块链网络研究及互动的新雇佣成员/ Announces New Hires to Research and Engage with Public Blockchain Networks




2020年3月25日,开曼群岛大开曼岛——高性能区块链软件发布方Block.one近日宣布,前EOS纽约创始人Rick Schlesinger、Kevin Rose及其团队将加入,协助公司深入与公共区块链社区的交流,改善创意,以培养公开、有组织且去中心化的公共网络运营,并作为数个公共数字资产的持有方代表自身利益。



“这些年,Rick、Kevin以及他们的团队展现出了惊人的专注力、专业度并开展全球包容性合作,我们很高兴他们能够加入我们团队。”CEO Brendan Blumer如此说道。




Block.one是全球软件公司,专供高性能区块链软件。2018年,该公司推出EOSIO,一款免费的开源协议,旨在为安全且透明的分布式数据库提供速度、可扩展性以及便捷的使用性。Block.one的风险资本部门EOS VC向全球使用EOSIO技术的公司、项目及开发人员投资。




Former EOS New York team to be senior leaders in new initiatives 

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, March 25, 2020 – High performance blockchain software publisher today announced that former EOS New York founders Rick Schlesinger, Kevin Rose and their team will be joining to help the company deepen its engagement with public blockchain communities, promote ideas to foster open, organized, and decentralized public network operation, and represent its interests as a token holder of several public digital assets. believes engagement, transparency and open discussion are essential to ensuring the success of any public blockchain. is proud to belong to an open source community that thrives on the sharing of information, as well as the advocacy, innovation and action of its individual members.

Rick, Kevin and the team at EOS New York were some of the earliest adopters of the EOS public network and have been at the forefront of healthy community engagement and the promotion of innovation and organization within open source ecosystems.

“Over the years, Rick, Kevin, and their team have shown tremendous dedication, professionalism, and globally-inclusive collaboration, and we are excited for them to join our team,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO.

“The EOS public network offers unprecedented token holder alignment, network performance, and environmental friendliness, all while being powered and governed by a global token network with finite supply integrity,” said Rick and Kevin. “In our new role, we plan to listen to and work with communities to leverage’s digital asset positions to maximize the health and security of various public networks.”

EOS New York and its associated companies have ceased operations entirely, as the team transitions into their new roles.

About is a global software company specializing in high performance blockchain software. In 2018, it published EOSIO, a free, open-source protocol designed to bring speed, scalability, and ease of use to the secure and transparent fundamentals of distributed databases.’s venture capital arm, EOS VC, invests in companies, projects, and developers around the world leveraging EOSIO technology.


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