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Tempo Storm获得330万美元的投资,它计划用来启动器卡牌游戏及搭建交互式媒体连锁/Tempo Storm Raises $3.3M, Plans to Launch Card Game and Establish Interactive Media Franchise



  • 美国电子竞技和游戏娱乐组织Tempo Stone获得330万美元的融资,这笔投资由科技行业投资方Galaxy Interactive经通过其Galaxy EOS VC基金领投。
  • 投资收益将用来加速该公司的交互式媒体和游戏发展,包括搭建其Game Changers连锁品牌和启动卡牌游戏The Bazaar。
  • 2018年4月,Tempo Storm的创始人在Indiegogo众筹获得11.5万美元用来开发数字组牌游戏The Bazaar。

今天,电子竞技和游戏娱乐组织Tempo Storm宣布获得其获得科技领域投资方Galaxy Interactive领投的330万美金。Tempo Storm表示,它会用这笔投资的投以来“发展[组织],[使其]超越传统电子竞技组织的界限”。

“Tempo Storm最吸引我们的地方是他们的愿景远远超过了传统的电子竞技组织,”Galaxy Interactive的管理合伙人和Galaxy Digital的联合创始人Sam Englebardt在一次发布会上这么说。该组织由创始人和CEO Andrey Yanyuk一手启动,它在注入交互式产品和游戏开发领域很有创意。没错,他们是成功的电子竞技竞争者,但是他们还远远不止这么个角色,所以我们很容易就决定了要对他们投资。

2014年,炉石传说职业选手和内容创造者Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk创办了Tempo Storm。这个团队旗下由几个电子竞技团队和玩家,参与的游戏包括炉石传说、任天堂明星大乱斗万智牌、暗影诗章、绝地求生手游彩虹六号等。

此外,2018年4月,该组织启动了两个项目,从而开始涉足游戏开发领域,并开发了交互式跨媒体连锁:Twitch旅行直播节目Game Changers和Reynad的数字组牌游戏The Bazaar。Tempo Storm表示,这笔追加的融资让他们能把注意力集中在打扫Game Changers的连锁品牌和启动The Bazaar。


  • U.S. esports and gaming entertainment organization Tempo Storm secured a $3.3M USD financing round led by technology investor Galaxy Interactive through its Galaxy EOS VC Fund.
  • Proceeds of the investment will be used to accelerate the company’s interactive media and game development, including building its Game Changers franchise and launching its card game The Bazaar.
  • In April 2018, an Indiegogo campaign by Tempo Storm’s founder raised $115K towards the development of the digital deck-building card game The Bazaar.

Today, esports and gaming entertainment organization Tempo Storm announced that it has raised a $3.3M investment led by technology investor Galaxy Interactive. Tempo Storm stated that it will be using the proceeds of its latest investment round to “grow far beyond the confines of the traditional esports organization.”

Galaxy Interactive, which is a division of the digital assets and blockchain technology-focused merchant bank Galaxy Digital, invested via its $325M Galaxy EOS VC Fund, which is a partnership with software development company The fund’s other recent investments include game technology studio Mythical Games and games broadcasting technology developer Genvid.

“What impressed us most about Tempo Storm is their vision beyond the traditional esports organization,” said Sam Englebardt, managing partner of Galaxy Interactive and co-founder of Galaxy Digital, in a release. ”Starting with the company’s founder and CEO, Andrey Yanyuk, this group is truly innovating in areas such as interactive productions and game development. Sure, they are successful esports competitors, but they are so much more, and it was an easy decision to invest in them.”

Tempo Storm was founded in 2014 by professional Hearthstone player and content creator Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk. The team is fielding several esports teams and players, including in games such as HearthstoneSuper Smash Bros.Magic: The GatheringShadowversePUBG Mobile, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Furthermore, the organization ventured into game development and the creation of an interactive media franchise in April 2018 when two projects were launched, the live travel Twitch show, Game Changers, and Reynad’s digital deck-building card game, The Bazaar. According to Tempo Storm, its additional funding will allow them to focus on building the Game Changers franchise and launching The Bazaar.

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