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EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1版:支持WebAuthn、椭圆加密及更多内容/EOSJS Version 21.0.0-rc1: Support for WebAuthn, Elliptic Cryptography, and More



EOSJS仍是将应用程序前端连接至EOSIO区块链最热门的开源库之一。为支持EOSJS的广泛应用,我们现在宣布推出最新候选版本EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1,该版本现可供社区测试。此次构建进行了诸多变动并添加了额外的性能,包括支持WebAuthn、无文本操作以及切换至椭圆加密库。

作为发布的候选版本,我们鼓励EOSIO开发人员社区对EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1进行测试,以帮助我们在开发稳定版本的过程中对其进行完善。


EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1版本支持在EOSIO区块链上运行WebAuthn。EOSIO是首家支持WebAuthn的区块链平台。这让用户能够通过使用2FA硬件钥匙保护高风险交易,诸如YubiKey或Macbook的触控ID一类。

希望将WebAuthn集成进自身EOSIO应用的开发人员可选择我们的WebAuthn示例应用(WebAuthn Example Application),此候选版本会为其提供支持,直至EOSJS 21.0.0稳定版本推出。


EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1引入了一项转换功能,从eosjs-ecc切换至更强大的椭圆加密库。密钥及签名都分别单独存放在椭圆加密库中。为适应这一改变,我们添加了转换功能,为EOSIO开发人员使用库提供了更多的便利性。





除上述内容外,EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1还添加了以下变更内容:


  • WebAuthn一经采用将能够使用YubiKey一类的硬件钥匙,如同EOSIO应用上进行区块链交易的2FA设备。


  • 参考EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1,以支持WebAuthn示例应用程序,并将区块链交易基于硬件密钥的2FA集成至EOSIO应用程序中。
  • 无文本操作支持通过平行处理实现更高的效率。
  • 转换功能使eosjs-ecc与椭圆库的转换更加方便。
  • 随着稳定版本的进一步开发,测试EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1的新性能并提供相应反馈。

正如EOSJS早前更新的内容一般,当EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1趋于稳定时,我们将继续提供有关库全新功能的附加文档和解释文本。





EOSJS remains among the most popular open source libraries to connect the front end of applications to EOSIO blockchains. Supporting the widespread adoption of EOSJS, we are excited to announce the latest release candidate, EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1, is now available for community testing. A number of changes and additional features have been introduced with this build, including support for WebAuthn, context free actions, and a switch to the elliptic cryptography library.

As a release candidate, we encourage the EOSIO developer community to test EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1 to help us refine the build as we work towards a stable release.

Security With WebAuthn for EOSIO Applications

The release of EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1 introduces support for WebAuthn on EOSIO blockchains. EOSIO is the first blockchain platform to support WebAuthn. This makes it possible for users to protect any high-risk transactions by using hardware keys for 2FA, such as a YubiKey or TouchID on a Macbook.

Developers who would like to integrate WebAuthn in their EOSIO applications may refer to our WebAuthn Example Application, which will be supported by this release candidate until a stable build of EOSJS 21.0.0 is ready.

Switching to the Elliptic Cryptographic Library

EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1 introduces a changeover from eosjs-ecc to the more robust elliptic cryptographic library. Keys and signatures are stored differently in the elliptic cryptographic library. In order to accommodate this change, we’ve added conversion functions to make the library more convenient for EOSIO developers. Eventually, eosjs-ecc will be deprecated. The conversion functions are a refactoring of existing code, so the switch shouldn’t affect the API. 

Context-Free Action Support

A context-free action entails computations that solely rely on transaction data. For instance, context-free actions make it possible to derive the public keys responsible for signing a transaction from transaction data and signature alone, without a dependency on the blockchain state. Similar to signature verification, context-free actions in EOSJS will eventually be able to be processed in parallel, and facilitate generalized signature verification for applications using EOSJS.

Additional Features

In addition to the details above the following changes are also being introduced with EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1:

Impact On Users

  • Once adopted, WebAuthn will enable the use of hardware keys, like a Yubikey, as 2FA devices for blockchain transactions on EOSIO applications.

Impact on Developers

  • Reference EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1 to support the WebAuthn Example App and integrate hardware key based 2FA for blockchain transactions in your EOSIO application.
  • ·Achieve greater efficiency through parallel processing with context-free action support.
  • Transition with ease between eosjs-ecc and the elliptic library with conversion functions.
  • Test and provide feedback on the new features of the EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1 as work continues towards releasing a stable version.

As with previous updates to EOSJS, we will continue to provide additional documentation and explanations of the library’s new features when EOSJS 21.0.0-rc1 is promoted to stable. 

Stay Connected

We are committed to offering best open source tools to connect applications to EOSIO blockchains, and developers can help us in that effort by testing and providing insights for this release candidate. If you would like to offer feedback and work more closely with our team to improve EOSIO for developers, you can send our developer relations team an email at

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