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Current在B轮融资中获得2000万美元,和Visa建立合作伙伴关系,并拥有超过50万顾客/Current Raises $20 Million in Series B Funding, Expands Partnership with Visa and Surpasses 500,000 Customers



B轮融资的投资人包括惠灵顿管理公司、Galaxy Digital EOS Fund和CMFG Ventures。



惠灵顿管理公司是第一次参与的投资人,参与本轮融资的还包括Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund。此外,拥有1亿2千万成员、服务于信用合作社的相互保险公司CUNA Mutual Group 的风投部门CMFG Ventures也参与了融资。不仅如此,QED Investors, Expa 和 Elizabeth Street Ventures也都继续投资支持该公司。

Current的创始人和CEO Stuart Sopp说:“我们认为每个人都应该获得支付得起的金融服务,让他们更可能获得更好的生活。我们用Current核心重建金融基础架构,让这个目标成为现实。我们有了更多产品,有更好的方式实现钱生钱。我们的用户这么快就增长到50万,这充分证明了我们的产品和我们的成本节约方式带来了更高的金融收益,我们预计,到2020年中页,将有超过百万用户从我们的产品中获益。

2019年初,Current发布其个人支票账户产品,实现其业务快速增长。其开发的Current Core技术为顾客实现稳定性、快钱、和成本节约,目前用户只能通过手机应用获得Current服务,但它已经为更多人改善了金融状况。

Galaxy Digital的联合创始人之一和直接投资部门联合主管Sam Englebardt说,“在竞争激烈的新银行市场中,Current因为其致力于为当代家庭提供更好的收益而脱颖而出。Current给这些家庭提供了金融工具,满足他们先前未能实现的需求。我们很高兴能支持Stuart和他的团队,这些投资能够进一步改善其产品,也能让他们更快地开始下一轮扩张。“



要获得Current更多信息,在App Store或Google Play上下载Current应用,也可以在Twitter上关注@Current 或在Instagram上关注@current_card获得我们的最新消息。


Current是专为现代生活设计的银行,它把客户的钱和朋友、家人和重要事件联系起来。Current是一个手机应用,也是Visa的借记卡,它提供个人支票账户和青少年银行产品。Stuart Sopp在2015年6月成立了Current,此前,他在各大银行从事外汇交易,那时候他就意识到他可以建立一个专为客户改善金融收益的企业给传统银行业带来革新。最初,Stuart获得Expa和EQD的资助,之后,他就和首席技术官Trevor Marshall共同研发企业内部的Current Core银行技术,该技术为后来的客户提供稳定性、快钱和成本节约。现在,Current的投资网包括惠灵顿管理公司、Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund, CMFG Ventures (CUNA Mutual Group的风投部门), QED Investors, Expa 和Elizabeth Street Ventures。Current在联邦存款保险公司的保额高达25万美元,而Choice Financial Group和Metropolitan Commercial Bank为其提供银行服务。获得Current更多信息,请访问http://www.current.com或在App Store或Google Play上下载Current应用

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Erin Bruehl


Investors for Series B include Wellington Management Company, Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund, and CMFG Ventures

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Current, the bank for modern life, today announced $20 million in a Series B round, bringing its fundraising total to $45 million, and its rapid growth to over 500,000 accounts as its unique technology continues to power innovation in products and offer affordable financial solutions to all Americans. In addition to these milestones, Current is also expanding its partnership with Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments.

Leveraging Visa’s global acceptance, brand and scale, this exclusive partnership will help drive even greater expansion for Current in the digital financial market through an increased ability to reach even more customers of varying demographics with joint marketing efforts.

Wellington Management Company is a first-time investor, and also joining the round is Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund. CMFG Ventures, the venture capital arm of CUNA Mutual Group, a mutual insurance company serving credit unions and their 120 million members, joined the fundraise. In addition, QED Investors, Expa and Elizabeth Street Ventures return to fund and support the company.

“We believe everyone should have access to affordable financial services that improve the chances for a better life,” said Stuart Sopp, Current Founder and CEO. “We have made this a reality through rebuilding financial infrastructure with the Current Core. It allows us to build more products that offer new ways to interact with money. Our rapid growth to half a million accounts serves as a testament to the ways our products and cost savings are bringing better financial outcomes and we anticipate bringing those benefits to over 1,000,000 customers by mid-2020.”

Current’s launch of its personal checking account product in early 2019 has fueled the tremendous growth. Its in-sourced Current Core technology offers stability, faster money and cost savings that are passed to customers through a modern, mobile-only experience that is improving the financial outcomes of more people.

Sam Englebardt, Co-Founder and Co-Head of Principal Investments at Galaxy Digital, said “In a competitive neobank market, Current stands out for its focus on delivering better outcomes for the modern family, by empowering them with the financial tools to meet their underserved needs. We are excited to support Stuart and his team as they enhance their product offering and accelerate into their next wave of expansion.”

After Current launched with an industry-changing teen banking product in 2017, it leveraged the same core banking technology to launch Personal Checking accounts with benefits like faster direct deposits, gas hold crediting and merchant blocking without charging overdraft fees, minimum balance fees or hidden fees.

“We have deep experience from Wall Street, gaming, fashion and fintech that has allowed us to approach banking in a new way to serve the majority of Americans,” Sopp said. “This funding will enable faster execution and growth on our company’s mission.”

For more information on Current, download on App Store or Google Play, or follow @Current on Twitter and @current_card on Instagram for more updates.

About Current
Current is the bank for modern life that connects members’ money to friends, family and experiences that matter. Current is a mobile app and Visa debit card that offers both personal checking accounts and a teen banking product. Stuart Sopp founded Current in June 2015 after spending most of his career as a foreign exchange trader at big banks and recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the banking industry through creating a company built specifically to help improve people’s financial outcomes. With initial investment backing from Expa and QED, Stuart began work with Trevor Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, on building its in-sourced Current Core banking technology, which offers stability, faster money and cost savings that are then passed on to customers. Current’s network of investors now includes Wellington Management Company, Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund, CMFG Ventures (the venture capital arm of CUNA Mutual Group), QED Investors, Expa and Elizabeth Street Ventures. Current is FDIC insured up to $250,000 with Choice Financial Group and Metropolitan Commercial Bank providing bank services. To learn more about Current visit or download on the App Store or Google Play.

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Erin Bruehl
Director of Content, Current

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