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Lumi钱包寻求EOS代币合作伙伴关系/Lumi Wallet Looks for EOS Token Partnerships



Lumi 钱包相信EOS,我们想让更多加密货币用户更喜欢这个代币。我们准备好了方便和用户庞大的应用,能够支持EOS区块链完整的功能。但是,如果EOS代币在我们的用户中还不够受欢迎,上述条件也不大可能实现。






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Lumi Wallet bets on EOS and considers it one of our goals to popularize it among cryptocurrency users. We’ve created a convenient and popular application that aims to support the full functionality of the EOS blockchain. But this is impossible without the availability of popular EOS tokens for our users.

EOS is subject to our token selection principles: we add only tokens that are proven reliable and that are potentially interesting to our user base. At the moment, our development team is loaded to the limit, so we’re offering a unique opportunity: token creators can send us a listing request themselves.

All properly submitted requests will be considered without exception and all of them will be answered. We take care of our users, so all applicants will be carefully checked before making the final decision.

When the initial selection is finished, those who have passed will receive individual conditions for placement on our platform.

If you want to apply, please fill in the following form.

We are always open to cooperation: if you have any ideas for a productive partnership, just drop us a line at

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