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EOS WiKi 完成对EOSTracker.io的收购/EOS Wiki Acquired



EOS WiKi 是EOS主网的超级节点,致力于为EOS主网添砖加瓦,在本月初EOS WiKi 已完成对EOSTracker.io的收购,EOSTracker.io是全球第一个发布的EOS主网区块链浏览器。

在本次收购后,EOS WiKi将继续运营,并将继续对其进行改进,并继续为社区提供稳定的区块浏览器服务。

“EOSTracker是一款优秀的EOS区块链浏览器,也是众多EOS爱好者接触EOS区块链的入门产品” EOS WiKi 的CEO如此说道“我们将会继续投入将会收购,孵化和开发更多有益于EOS社区的产品和服务。为EOS社区作出应有的贡献。”  




EOS Tracker是全球首个EOS区块链上的实时区块浏览器。






关于EOS WiKi

EOS Wiki是独立的超级节点,它致力于为EOS社区提供稳定和可靠的服务。

EOS Wiki目前运行了多个地理上分散的高端配置和高速网络连接的服务器,提供区块生产、p2p、和API服务。



As a Block Producer in EOS Mainnet, EOS Wiki has been dedicated to make contribution to the EOS Mainnet. Earlier this month, EOS Wiki has acquired, the first Block Explorer in the world to have been launched in EOS Mainnet.

After the acquisition, EOS Wiki will run, continuing to develop it and offer stable Block Explorer services.

“EOSTracker is an excellent EOS Block Explorer. It is also one of the first products many EOS lovers choose to enter the world of EOS blockchain.” The CEO of EOS Wiki commented, “We will continue to invest to acquire, incubate, and develop more products and services beneficial to the EOS community and make contribution to the whole community.”


Published by, EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, allowing developers to efficiently create high performance distributed applications.

About EOSTracker

EOS Tracker is the world’s first real time block explorer for EOS Blockchain


* Lists all the blocks, transactions, messages (actions), and accounts.

* Producers data, to understand how blocks are being produced.

* Accounts with ABI and list of transactions that have scope related to the account.


About EOS WiKi

EOS WiKi  is an independent block producer who dedicate to provide stable and reliable services for EOS community.

EOS WiKi  is currently running multiple geo-distributed servers with high-end configuration and high speed internet connection to provide block producing, p2p and API services.


For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Telegram group

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