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DLA Piper建议C3 EOS VC参与对Tangany的种子轮投资/DLA Piper advises C3 EOS VC on participation in 7 million seed round in Tangany



LDA Piper建议C3 EOS VC  Fund参与对Tangany的价值700万欧元的种子轮投资。Tangany是受德国联邦金融监管局(BaFin)监管的白标加密资产托管平台。种子轮由Nauta Capital领投。现有投资人HTGF也参与本轮投资。本次投资之后,Tangany将能够在现有的核心托管业务(如质押和收益耕作)中增加新的服务。本次交易待BaFin批准。


C3 EOS VC Fund是Block.one和全球金融服务科技和区块链投资公司FinLab AG合作的基金会,C3 EOS VC Fund由C3 Management GmbH管理,这家资产管理公司位于德国法兰克福,专注管理风投基金,它在全球范围内为卓越的区块链科技公司投资。C3 EOS VC Fund关注创业早期和发展期的科技公司,一般它会获得少数股权。DLA Piper团队则是由合伙人Simon Vogel及其副手Oliver Schmit领导(都是企业/私募股权,慕尼黑)。


DLA Piper has advised C3 EOS VC Fund on participation in a EUR7 million seed round in Tangany, a Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) regulated white-label platform for custody of crypto assets. The seed round was led by Nauta Capital. Existing investor HTGF also participated in the round. The funding will enable Tangany to add new services to the existing core custody business such as staking and yield farming. The transaction is pending approval from the BaFin.

Tangany’s Crypto Custody service provides highly secure storage for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins, security tokens and NFTs. Their proprietary solution supports both hot and cold wallets to provide clients the easiest way to adopt blockchain. The Munich-based fintech has seen skyrocketing growth over the last year, onboarding over 25 new clients including Tezos Foundation, Quirin Privatbank and Exporo. This growth reflects now more than EUR400 million of digital assets under custody, increasing their revenue 5x by the end of 2021.

C3 EOS VC Fund, managed by C3 Management GmbH, is a partnership between and FinLab AG, an investor in financial services technologies and blockchain globally. Located in Frankfurt, Germany, C3 Management GmbH is an asset management company focused on managing venture funds which invest in exceptional blockchain technology companies worldwide. The C3 EOS VC Fund concentrates on early and growth stage technology companies, and typically takes a minority equity stake.

The DLA Piper team was led by partner Simon Vogel and also included associate Oliver Schmidt (both Corporate/Private Equity, Munich).

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