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Bullish获得韦比奖两个奖项/Bullish receives Webby recognition





Bullish还在社交类别“最佳视频使用”中获奖。该奖项版给我们的视频预告片Meet Bullish,该预告片介绍了交易所独特的优点,这也是2021年我们一篇推文重点提到的。



Bullish的成功背后是我们的市场部门,其成员遍及美国和香港。Molly Snowberger领导的创意小组和代理机构合作,设计了bullish.com网站。“我们很高兴在品牌第一年就获得了韦比奖。Bullish给自己制定了高标准,我们也很高兴我们的努力和技能真的带来了影响。这是我们的团队协作带来的结果,而且我们在设计视觉品牌和网络表现上也付出良多。我太自豪了。”Molly说。

创意机构AKQA和Bullish团队合作创作了Meet Bullish预告片。

“对我们这样年轻的品牌来说,这是巨大的成就,这也是我们的努力、协作和无尽想象的产物。”Bullish市场总监Christ Briseno说。


We’re very proud to have been named twice as an honoree in the Internet’s most respected recognition program—The Webby Awards.

In the 26th Annual Webby Awards, was named a Webby Honoree in “Websites and Mobile Sites – Best Visual Design – Aesthetic.”

Bullish is also a Webby Honoree in the Social category for “Best Use of Video.” The honor recognizes our “Meet Bullish” video trailer, introducing the exchange’s unique benefits, which was featured in a 2021 Twitter post.

These are the first corporate recognitions we’ve received since launching late last year—and they make us particularly proud since, as a newcomer, we beat out many established brands. Only the top 20% of all of the work entered for the 2022 awards, which attracted more than 14,300 projects, are recognized as honorees. 

Webby winners are chosen by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which was founded in 1998 to help drive the creative, technical, and professional progress of the internet and evolving forms of interactive media.

The Bullish teams behind the success are part of the Marketing Department, whose members are spread across the United States and in Hong Kong. Working with an agency, the Creative team led by Molly Snowberger designed the website. “We are so excited to be recognized as a Webby Honoree in our first year out of the gate as a brand. We set high standards for ourselves at Bullish, and are just thrilled that our hard work and applied expertise has truly made an impact. It’s a total group effort, as so many are involved in the cultivation of our visual brand and presence on the web. I couldn’t be more proud,” Molly said. 

Creative agency AKQA partnered with the Bullish team to make the “Meet Bullish” video trailer.

“It is a tremendous achievement for a young brand like ours and a result of hard work, collaboration and deep imagination,” said Chris Briseno, Head of Marketing for Bullish.

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