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Bullish交易所宣布,启动三个月以来,其年化月交易利润达9700万美元/Bullish exchange reports annualized monthly trading revenue of US$97M in February three months after launch

Bullish和Far Peak Acquisition Corp.宣布将业务合并的外部日期延长到2022年5月9日




Bullish主席Brendan Blumer和Far Peak的Tom Farley及David Bonanno在业务升级视频中提供了更多细节,您可以点击investor.bullish.com观看。



Bullish交易所已经在亚太、欧洲、非洲和拉美40多个司法辖区启动。交易平台结合了去中心化金融(DeFi)创新的流量池功能和合法合规框架,这样,机构客户和散户都可以接入深度流量池、进行低成本的交易。Bullish交易所由Bullish(GI) Limited运营,受到直布罗陀金融服务委员会监管。

先前,Bullish宣布,2021年7月8日,特殊目的收购公司Far Peak Acquisition Corporation (NYSE:FPAC)和Bullish达成业务合并协议(以下简称“协议”),通过业务合并让Bullish在纽约证交所上市。

Bullish和Far Peak今天宣布,根据“协议”,他们把业务合并的外部终止日期从2022年3月8日延长到2022年5月9日,以便加速完成业务合并。除此之外,“协议”未作其他变更。受各种审核和条款限制(包括Far Peak股东审核),业务合并预期将在2022年第二个季度完成。



Bullish and Far Peak Acquisition Corp. announce extension of outside date for business combination to May 9, 2022

Bullish, a technology company that operates the regulated cryptocurrency Bullish exchange, today announced that for February 2022, average daily trading volume on the exchange was US$213 million and annualized monthly trading revenue was US$97 million.

Since the platform opened in permitted jurisdictions to select institutional customers on November 24, 2021, and to the public in late December 2021, total trading volume on the exchange has reached over US$14 billion. The platform offers five trading pairs, with more token listings expected this year.

Bullish Chairman Brendan Blumer, and Far Peak’s Tom Farley and David Bonanno present further details in a business update video, which is available at

“The response that we’ve seen from institutions has been extremely encouraging,” said Michael Lau, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales of Bullish. “We’ve attracted world-class, established trading firms as well as crypto native enterprises, who value our differentiated and predictable liquidity profile, in addition to our institutional-grade platform features.

“We are looking forward to introducing additional tokens, enhancing and adding to the platform, and expanding our geographies to permitted jurisdictions during the remainder of 2022,” he added.

The Bullish exchange has been launched in 40+ select jurisdictions in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Latin America. The trading platform combines the liquidity pool innovation that is popular in decentralized finance (DeFi) with regulatory compliance frameworks, giving institutional and retail traders access to deep liquidity and low-cost transactions. The Bullish exchange is operated by Bullish (GI) Limited and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. 

As previously announced, on July 8, 2021, Far Peak Acquisition Corporation (NYSE:FPAC), a special purpose acquisition company, and Bullish entered into a Business Combination Agreement (the “Agreement”) providing for a business combination in which Bullish would become publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  

Bullish and Far Peak today announced that they have agreed to extend the outside termination date under the Agreement from March 8, 2022, to May 9, 2022, in order to facilitate the completion of the business combination. No other changes were made to the Agreement. Subject to various approvals and conditions, including the approval by Far Peak’s shareholders, the business combination is expected to close in the second quarter of 2022.


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