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7月27日Bullish开始进行内测/Bullish exchange moves into private pilot on July 27








  • 深度、可预测、大流量:Bullish有独特混合订单簿和流动性配置差异性大,这两个特点把流量池能和传统的限额指令结合起来。Bullish的设计要点是要提供深度、可预期的流动性,交易者在变幻莫测的市场环境下,交易者可以获得更大的确定性。
  • 规模化收益:Bullish流量池让用户能大规模管理平衡的资产组合,同时因为向市场投入高质量的流量获得收益。这些流量池将进行优化,让用户能从自动做市、现货交易、安全保证金贷款中获得收益。
  • 现在Bullish资产负债表上有几十亿美金,我们将把其中的一大部分放到Bullish流量池中,进一步加强平台的产品供应
  • 安全、合规、和可验证:Bullish将是一个合规的交易所,把加密货币最好的安全防护和合法合规实践结合起来。Bullish将利用EOSIO安全运行,同时把所有经济动作的不可转换记录上传到平台中。这个审计链的加密证明会记录到EOS公共区块链,方便实现外部可验证状态的完整性,这也是第一次有交易所这么设计。




We are excited to announce that today – July 27 – we are launching a 7-week, private pilot program, a major step towards the public release of the Bullish exchange expected later in 2021. With simulated crypto assets and paper money, the private pilot provides us with an opportunity to source valuable feedback and input from select participants to facilitate a frictionless experience for our customers at launch.

The pilot offers a sampling of invited retail and institutional investors (who meet specific requirements) the opportunity to experience the Bullish trading interface and our proprietary Hybrid Order Book. Pilot participants will have access to features and services including spot trading, margin trading and new and unique ways to earn through Bullish Liquidity Pools. While the pilot will not involve feature gating nor require a full onboarding in this early phase, product functionality, exchange operation, and customer support will mimic conditions for the full launch.

To encourage participation and feedback, we’re awarding a total of US$525,000 in cash prizes for three eligible participants who compete in the featured paper trading games. Each game will have a US$175,000 pot, with a top prize of US$100,000. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will be awarded US$50,000 and US$25,000, respectively. If a winner is ineligible, we will donate the prize money to charity.

The private pilot is open for testing to invited users where permitted, and is expected to run from July 27, 2021 through September 13, 2021.

Here’s what we believe will set Bullish apart:

  • Deep, predictable liquidity: Bullish’s proprietary Hybrid Order Book with a highly differentiated liquidity profile will bring liquidity pools together with traditional limit orders, all in one place. Designed to offer deep and predictable liquidity, Bullish will provide traders with greater certainty across highly variable market conditions
  • Earning at scale: Bullish Liquidity Pools allow users to manage balanced portfolios at scale and earn revenue for delivering high-quality liquidity to the market. These pools will be optimized to earn yield, generated from automated market making, spot trading, and safe margin lending.
  • Bullish plans to deploy a large portion of its multi-billion dollar treasury of balance sheet assets into Bullish liquidity pools to further strengthen the product offering of the platform.
  • Secure, compliant, verifiable: Bullish is expected to be a regulated exchange, integrating best practices in cryptographic safeguards and compliance standards. Bullish will use EOSIO to securely execute and immutably record all financial movements on the platform. Cryptographic proof of this audit trail will be cross-hashed to the EOS public blockchain to facilitate externally verifiable state integrity – a first for exchange design.

We are excited to start this period of discovery and advancement with you. For invited participants, test it, enjoy it, and remember that it is still a pilot, so you may encounter some bugs and maintenance periods.

Visit Bullish to sign up to the waitlist.

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