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EOS WiKi 宣布向 DFS乐捐系统捐赠1000 EOS/EOS Wiki Announces It Will Donate 1,000 EOS for DFS fundation



我们宣布EOS Wiki 将会向DFS乐捐系统(DFS fundation)捐赠1000 EOS。DFS乐捐系统是由一个社区为导向的Grant系统。EOS WiKi 一直以来致力于为EOS社区提供可靠,高可用的区块生产服务,也致力于孵化与资助对EOS生态有益的项目。此次向DFS乐捐系统捐赠为一次性捐赠,接下来EOS WiKi 也将会视DFS乐捐系统的发展以及其所资助的项目表现,在未来进行更多的捐赠。EOS WiKi 希望能与DFS社区在EOS社区管治上能有更多的互动与交流。


DFS是一个整合了一系列 DeFi协议的区块链开放金融网络,而DFS乐捐系统是一个社区为导向的Grant系统。

关于EOS Wiki

EOS Wiki是独立的超级节点,致力于为EOS社区提供稳定和可靠的服务。

EOS Wiki目前运行了多个地理上分散的高端配置和高速网络连接的服务器,为EOS社区提供高速,稳定以及可靠的区块生产、p2p和API服务。

除区块服务外,目前EOS WiKi运营着全球第一个EOS区块浏览器,每周更新的 社区新闻资讯项目以及Codelite for EOS项目。


We are delighted to announce that EOS Wiki will donates a 1,000 EOS grant to DFS fundation, a community-driven Grant system. EOS Wiki is committed to providing reliable, highly-performant block producing services and incubating and investing in projects beneficial for the EOS ecosystem. This donates to DFS fundation will be a one-off donation, and future donates will be made based on the development of DFS fundation as well as the performance of the projects it donates. EOS Wiki expects further communication and interaction with the DFS community regarding the governance of the EOS community.

About DFS

DFS is a blockchain-based, open financial network that has integrated a series of DeFi protocol. DFS fundation is a community-driven Grant system.

About EOS Wiki

EOS Wiki is an independent block producer dedicated to providing stable and reliable services to the EOS community.

EOS Wiki is now operating multiple geologically-distributed high-performance and high-speed servers, providing the EOS community with fast, stable and reliable services on block production, p2p, and API.

Except for its block services, EOS Wiki is currently running the first EOS blockchain-based browser in the world,, operating, which provides community news and information on a weekly basis, and managing the Codelite for EOS project.

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